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The recommendations we have formula for making progress despite climate change denial by President Trump and his appointees in federal regulatory agencies this week on to the point. Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Dave Mattingly. British police say WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is under arrest nearly seven years after he took refuge in Ecuador's embassy in London. The BBC's Naomi grimly has more. The metropolitan police say they were invited into the Ecuadorian embassy ofter government withdrew asylum. The police entered the building at ten AM, and he was arrested sewn has been inside the embassy since twenty twelve he was originally wanted for sexual assault charges in Sweden these charges have since been dropped. But the U K authorities still wanted him for skipping bail. Assange is wanted in the US on charges of leaking classified information through emails published by WikiLeaks North Korea's nuclear program will be high on the agenda today when President Trump meets with South Korea's president at the White House. NPR's Asia Roscoe says this will be their first meeting since Trump's February summit with Kim Jong UN ended in Vietnam without an agreement South Korean president moon Jae-in is really trying to get the US and North Korea back to the negotiating table. He was the US to ease up on sanctions to allow Korea to do some joint economic. Projects with the north. Trump is said he doesn't wanna give up any sanctions before North Korea's nuclear program is dismantled. This is NPR news from Washington. Vice president Pence is urging members of the UN to reject Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro as the legitimate leader of that country has Linda fassulo reports. Pence is calling on the UN to join the Trump administration and recognize Venezuela's political opposition leader, one Guido, vice president Pence stress that the US would be pressing ahead to secure n member support for revoking the credentials of the Venezuelan ambassador, representing the Madero government at the UN. He's directly told the diplomat that he should not be. There pens indicated that the US would be proposing a draft resolution to the one hundred ninety three member UN general assembly where Russia and China do not have vetoes to recognize one Guido is interim president of Venezuela currently the US and some fifty plus nations view him as such Russia. Meanwhile, strongly denounced the US move as engaging in regime change for NPR news. I'm Linda Fasulo in. In New York. Blizzard warnings remain posted this morning and a half dozen states in the central US. Heavy snow and strong winds are battering areas from northeastern Colorado to southern Minnesota power outages and numerous vehicle crashes are reported in South Dakota. Colorado's governor has activated the national guard help stranded motorists in that state stocks in Asia ended the day lower Wall Street futures are on the upside this morning. I'm Dave Mattingly. NPR news in Washington..

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