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But how the clippers came to settle on Englewood has been more of a question. What happened behind the scenes and while they're building the new football stadium. Yeah. Right. And kind of make sense if you're gonna football stadium kind of have the entertainment area around there, you see a lot of metropolitan cities. Yeah. And that would really create this sort of critical mass for the region of two NFL teams there then fell network moving to the development around the football stadium. You put a. There at NBA arena with the team there. I mean, and then you have the forum nearby as well. It's a terrific concert venue. You really cooking then. So what's the problem? The problem is with the form. So the folks who owned the forum Madison Square Garden company, the New York based company they on the Knicks and the Rangers and at Tanah stuff the powerful their giant. They of course owned the form, and they were not happy that the clippers are pursuing an arena nigga would they alleged that the mayor had tricked them and to Seraing a lease for the land where the clippers wanna build the Serena the mayor denies this. But it's kicked off because if the clippers move now the forum loses concerts to the new battery. Yeah. Okay. Because you got to fill those empty dates. It's basketball team only takes up fifty dates year something like that that leaves three hundred ten some odd days, you gotta fill up or at least try to fill the forms. I know don't come here because we don't wanna lose our tenants. So after this project was announced in June. Twenty seventeen it ended up just kicking off a nasty nasty legal fight between the city of Englewood, Madison Square Garden and the clippers. There are a tunnel lawyers involved more than I can count. And as part of this people been deposed, there've been a lot of emails turned over during discovery all this kind of stuff that goes on with lawyers. You're just going toe to toe and brawl on it out usually doesn't involve companies powerful and as recognizable as Madison Square Garden, the clippers. And then you have the city that's on the cusp of a real transformation in Inglewood. But as part of that there was a filing in LA superior court in January of about eleven hundred pages of emails and other documents. They were supposed to be filed under seal that means that folks like you, and I can't see him unless you the lawyer judge in the case nobody else can see him. So they're supposed to be filed onto seal. They weren't why. Somebody just messed up somebody just messed up that simple. Like, I'm not a lawyer pretending play one. I have lawyer friends. So it's. Really simple. Yeah. So these documents were available for about a week anybody could download them and being a good reporter. I did. So and disappeared from the did, you know, or how did, you know? I mean, I think your sources, but what made you think that there's something there? I checked court filings every day. Oh, yeah. It's the part of the job, and I'm kind of the obsessive type. So there's a number of cases, we keep is on. That's one of anybody can do this your central computer and yellow through LA county superior court, and you see this and you see the name clippers. There's a few different cases related to the spat over the arena. And I check those those are among those. I check every day and night gender every scrap of paper because you never know when you're going to get Ted bit. That's going to lead. You a interesting story or help to increase our understanding and Morton community's understanding of what's really going on. So were you working on a previous story? Yeah. I've been following this and reporting on it from the get-go, and it's a fascinating situation because you add the Serena right across the street from the football stadium. And again, you're talking about entertainment destination that is maybe unrivalled. I mean, it's a. Big ill. We'll get this. Right. Somebody's supposed to put this under seal. So you may than fennel finale times, it doesn't see it. They don't do it this pops up and you start reading it. And what do you discover it's a gold mine of information. But it's information that had been turned over during the discovery process, and it primarily consisted of emails to or from one of the clippers minority owners guy named Dennis Wong who turned out was a college roommate of St..

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