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Mike you're in New Orleans. Lsu just won the national championship. What was the walk from the Super Superdome to your hotel like I think just by merely walking through that I can no longer claim sobriety as a part of this podcast? At this point my goal junior is a college football analyst. You can hear him every weekday morning on Golic and Wingo on. ESPN radio I saw LSU fans writing double decker bicycles bicycles. There's a lot of noise. I saw indoor fireworks tonight all in all. It's it's about what you'd expect for the biggest party for the best team in college football in this as particular city so for a game that a lot of people predicted correctly would become a bit of a score fest. The championship actually really began pretty slowly because of the two defenses Mike Lsu got pinned next to its own endzone twice. Clemson struck first with quarterback Backtra Lawrence. Running in for a touchdown still talks tigers. Draw the superdome the LSU did score in the first quarter but at the end it was only seven to seven house. Clemson able to bottle up Joe Borough early on it was yes and I have to give our friend and colleague Dan Orlovsky credit for this a set of star wars level blitzes from Clemson defensive coordinator Brent Venables the job that he did going into this game and we were certainly well acquainted and people getting ready for the NFL draft will become even better acquainted with Isaiah Simmons and what a great chesapeake is. But I think within the first two drives of the game he may have lined up at every position on defense and coached a few downs. And that at level of movement of complete mastery of blitz packages from Brent Venables really had joe borough kind of searching for answers. That weren't there. He wasn't very well protected really throughout the majority of the game and so that adjustment period. I think really explained a lot of what we saw that first quarter so Mike Clemson actually actually pulled ahead. Seventeen to seven at one point. That was the score this football game at one point. Seventeen to seven but then Joe Borough and the LSU offense caught caught fire like we've seen them do so many times this year and scored twenty one unanswered points. What got them rolling? Exporting matchups I mean Jomar as and Justin Jefferson. We know has been great all year but seeing Clemson really go back to what their bread and butter was that five widespread out personnel canal. Getting Clyde Edwards allaire great running back and pass catcher out there sort of is a chesapeake to give information back to their quarterback out near the sideline figuring Out Okay are we going to get Isaiah. Simmons Their Safety Tanner Muse one of these linebackers running with him. So the Joe Borough could see what was going on with the rest of this group up front again. The protection really didn't improve much over the night but they were able to get. Jim Are chasing some pretty favourable matchups on the outside and it really for the stretch run. I think changed. This game was as simple as the LSU receivers being able to win their one on one match ups on the outside and Joe Borough doing what he had done the entire season. Especially Ashley in Big Games which is put the ball in unbelievable catch run after the catch physicians for his receivers and let them make plays. I agree with you that the protection didn't really improve as the game went on there. Were so many plays Mike where you know. LSU was an empty and Joe Bro seemed to be Justice split-second from getting being drilled in some cases he did get drilled and at halftime. He was on his stationery bike. A visual that I imagine made hundreds of thousands of Cincinnati Eddie Bengals fans collectively Keel over. We were hearing reports at one point. Then you might have a rib injury. He was just close enough for me to touch as he went off the sideline right and he was gasping. Like that's my sound effect for you. He could not catch his breath and I overheard him saying to somebody. I hope I didn't just break a rib on the field L.. Coming out of the half. Did you see any signs. That Bro was hurt early on. Oh Yeah you could tell a definite difference in the way he was carrying self really going all the way back to that quarterback draw that was called on third and ten with no timeouts left at the end of the first half where I think that was the shot that he took and there are reports that he came back over. Go to the sideline and was really short of breath at the start of the second half we saw. What would been all year a fearless Joe Borough a guy who had moved around so deftly in in pockets as they're collapsing navigating? All these bodies start to actually look like he was taking his own safety into account for the first time and you kept waiting around to see. What the adjustments were instead? The adjustment was this kid's just going to go out there and be tougher than everybody. I think one screen pass was about all we saw that indicated that Joe Brady and the rest of this offensive. Coaching staff were maybe starting to think of ways to get the ball out of Joe's hands quicker other than that. It was more of the same and a quarterback just continuing to add. Add to the folklore. In that moment right he continued to run the ball in the second. Half which Mike no one is going to say this. But he's sneaky athletic. It can screwed so the second half was a story of total domination not only by. LSU's offense events but also the defense which really stifled Trevor Lawrence. I mean he had a number of uncharacteristic overthrows and then ultimately fumbled with less then four minutes left basically putting the game on ice. What impressed you about? LSU's defense. I think just how fast they looked at every level of that defense and the story of their defense down the stretch of the season especially in the last five to six games had been the health of that secondary overall. I think that units prowess on the back end their ability to be physical with these clemson. Wide receivers big. Long bodies like t higgins and Justin. Ross we saw get pushed around a little bit in the Ohio State. Game in the semi final matchup got a little bit of that same action from this group in the secondary and then allowed Kaleva on Jason and the rest of this group up front to events. Start to get some of that pressure you imagining towards the middle and end of the second half there when they really started to tee off and make trevor uncomfortable on the pocket so the speed of Lsu Su secondary again being able to make these wide receivers uncomfortable and get off their timing was beyond impressive. So Joe Burrows said a number of records tonight. He threw the most passing touchdowns in a single season in F. B. S. history. He's responsible for the most touchdowns in a title game period and also through the most fjords in a championship. Basically every record like do you think this will go down as the greatest season by a quarterback in college football history. Theory and spoiler folks what will the Cincinnati bengals beginning in him if they draft him first overall. Yes starting with the season as a whole well. That was really the talk of basically everyone leaving the stadium everyone associated with our network and otherwise was did we witness wire-to-wire the best college football season. Maybe maybe a by any player ever forget. Just any quarterback and I know we've had this discussion a lot lately about what Cam Newton put together with that Auburn team back in two thousand ten just having so oh little around him I think is the difference in terms of overall production. It's so rare to see anything like this and mean and we see so many of these spread offenses the air array principles that have really matriculated their way up from college to the NFL but to see the the pinpoint accuracy that Joe Borough brought to the table that lethal defoe level of being able to put the ball in uncommon places for a college quarterback. especially I think really separates it the numbers I mean no. SEC quarterback had thrown throne for even forty five hundred yards in a season. Before we saw. Joe Borough did with over fifty six hundred this year. So I think it is one of the most singularly dominant the seasons by any player ever at the college level and so what Cincinnati gets is a bit of an anomaly. Right we got a chance on Golic and wingo talked to todd mcshay. One of our draft analysts who said there're some personnel departments in the NFL. That are pretty blown away by what they've seen. A lot of people might have had around a fifth round grade after last year season. And now I think they got a guy and what's going to shine through throughout the pre-draft processes just the intangibles that you get from him. Everyone you talk to around this program said that in addition to knowing you're going to get incredible production the not so sneaky athleticism that we saw displayed time and time again you got a level of feeling of always having a chance in the fight because you ahead nine on your side and I think that ability for a franchise like Cincinnati who is trying to break away from anonymity. You're looking at a guy who seems to have that ability ready to lift others up around him and I think that's got to be exciting as a potential future growth point at that position for the Cincinnati Bengals or any other team. That would be lucky enough to have them. Thanks Mike Catt go join the celebration but stay away from the inside fireworks. I can make no promises.

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