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Reinvigorated. After i i just feel like i was talking about this this morning. Where i went on this podcast. And i was god. I hope they like me. And i hope that wasn't too far. Like i found myself apologising on this podcast when like no. It's my job to come on here. It's not my job to be like. It's to be interesting to go into a dangerous space. Play devil's advocate and make sure this conversation is interesting. And then probably be polarizing but you want people going home and talking about you right when those ten comics on the lineup. You want to be the one that talked about home. Like quoting your stuff and remembering your name and ask you when you'd be back again but it's also our. It's our job to say things we don't always believe just because we're exploring an area that you've never thought about before you know. Look we're going to go into this dangerous place and then come back. You know yeah go scuba diving at night and it's going to be a number then you're gonna be safe again. I mean. I think that's one of the things about bill. Burs appeal is that he takes you down this road rethinking. This is not going to say that he's been canceled. He's gonna rollercoaster but anyway he gets away with and people love them. Because there's the second you start apologizing. Ooh that's when it's over if you're just like i'm fucking doing this. This is what i do. This is what i've always done. This is the contract we signed with you guys as comedians. We didn't sign a contract that you were gonna come in here and we were going to sail the shit. You heard it worked today. It's working to say all the shit you're not allowed to say a word that's the whole point of coming here you know. And he doesn't fucking flinch as soon as you flinch. They have the power. And you're going to be in control pilot but watching you do that. I was just so. I hope i hope everyone gets to see it one day because it was just sort of like how long you've you're you've done this for over forty years. It was just watching. You do data such a fucking pro like it was just i. Nevertheless times like people have been done for a long time in the restaurant. Our laurels and they come in and they're like whatever will also. I'm a people pleaser not people pleaser but i should be one. I don't like to make waves. But i do like to something that's memorable and you would make waves kevin nealon walked in and then just did a bunch of safe comedy. Where like all right. That's it like to me. I'd go with joe. Kevin nealon just blew my mind. Yeah i'm. I'm trying to decide whether or not to do that day..

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