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Respond. Beijing has offered the Olympic organizing committee. Chinese Corona virus vaccines. Tokyo Summer Olympics will run this July and Beijing said it could vaccinate participants attending that and Beijing's Winter Olympics which take place in China and less than a year. Japan quickly said its athletes would not get a jab from China because Japan has yet to approve any of China's vaccines. Trying to currently has four domestically approve vaccines and has pledged to ship hundreds of millions of doses two countries in the Middle East South America in Southeast Asia, but it has been criticized for not releasing detailed clinical trial data for any of its vaccines. And other countries, including Japan, and the U. S have been slow in approving them. Emily Fang. NPR NEWS Beijing The House of Representatives has passed two measures on gun control. One bill would require background checks on all gun purchases. The other would allow an expanded 10 Day review for gun sales. There's little Republicans support for the bill's Democratic leaders in the Senate say they will take up the legislation. But it's not clear that they would have 60 votes to avoid a Senate filibuster. The National Weather Service says a major storm is coming to the central US this weekend. Some areas like the upper Plains could get historic amounts of snow blizzard conditions are expected in some areas. Farther south, Forecasters warn Severe thunderstorms will strike the Plains region through Sunday. On Korver Coleman NPR news Support for NPR comes from NPR stations. Other contributors include T. Rowe Price,.

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