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So all mcdermott order for those m a teach music criticism and i were at middle tennessee state university and on i was frustrated by how kids don't connect their language to how they talk about music or what music feels and i was getting my masters and i realize that can on a free internet writer there wasn't a lot of dot com and so most of the work i did for rolling stone and the la times musician and it's all lost and a lot of the writers that i came up with they're not holly george warren who published a lot of books and um their voices are going to be lost too so that's really how it happened and the fact them you can't believe the people that don't know who patty level it says are why she matters all of our forever's all over she's amazing below or will i think it's all miranda lamberto also like allott and carry under who to scream in our guts out and so annoying that put the the sfa can't his sort compelled to be negative not on a woman so oh my wife wants all tremendous the negative sorrow buster how do we lift you up for me how do we lift you up then but we're don't okay bomb fine i'm mumfort appanage though largest road to talk kamotho by the way all it gleason of butch go woman walked immortal line but really are some great outside asia about dolly parton carter cachin catch it must graves luxury player all time and of course lucinda and taylor swift we locker actually an emmy liu won the not some people are memo alive and low rental lyn follows paper song yeah onetonne loretta lynn malaria oh i had our on and then me was written years ago she sent male played for christmas but it came from her all pr burglar nashville not from the ranch no oh so we're we're all know but there goes on on msnbc or fox santa memorage clutter go sledgehammer broke of onto rude just trying to be funded or no the lunch looks times you can't should dover but that.

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