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Odds. In the in the book you address on kind of rebut allegations of bullying a couple of years ago as he loses resurfaced with with with the David Leakey What where do you think these are coming from white? Why do these allegations sort of keep coming up sometime after the fact act and and what are we what are we to make of them in relation to his Lee this disappear edge is she? Why do they keep coming up at short answer is is that the was a sprinkling of people in the house who very very accustomed not only having their say but to having their way and who took umbrage as a speaker saying no now? We're going to do it differently. Now for the most part and this is the subject for quite a full discussion another orange essentially so. I'm really trying to summarize it. But for the most part they were people who'd worked in the house or in another another career of Arava structured kind for a very long time so they were people that I would describe as institutionalized and they were very a traditional and in some cases frankly plainly reactionary and accustomed to having their way because that was the natural order of things and into having their approach adopted and they didn't like it being challenged and partly as a result of having pap serve for very long period. They'd come to be very comfortable with existing arrangements on which they found it difficult to imagine improving and I came along and wanted to do things differently differently and I explained in the book at least in relation to one of the individuals that we just differed on issue after issue after issue. We tried to make it work. We worked together together. This was somebody that I inherited. I hadn't appointed time and time again. I would say I want to do X.. On this person say Mr Speaker. Not Dumb like that or alternatively Sibley he would specify doing something and I would say over. I just do it this way. Learning it is not on my that Mr Speaker. I would say why has never been done that way. Alternatively attentively in commending a particular broached me he would say to me Mr Speaker it's always been Bumba way and I was able. That may very well be. But it isn't holy writ it. It's not a rule of the house favorite longstanding convention. And I would say well it may be a long standing convention but I want to different and my basic attitude. Dorian I say this to would of you in the studio and your listeners. My basic attitude was reform reform reform reform. Where reform was it's necessary desired and overdue reform in the Chamber to engender more invigorating atmosphere atmosphere in the proper deployment parliamentary scrutiny of the executive reform in the management of the parliamentary estate making it more child-friendly establishing education central as well as a nursery ensuring staff profile of the house at senior levels was more diverse and reform in the use of speakers house to host? I I think an unprecedentedly. Large number of charitable events bill also a mindset of engagement with civil society so so that was what underpinned me wanting to chair and chairing as I did every year for ten years the UK Youth Parliament and go to that conference every year and gained a schools and universities and faith eighth groups voluntary organizations. Now that was probably the least controversial of the reforms but nonetheless a very prominent official. Who worked with me had absolutely no interest? What so ever in joining me on any of those visits his attitude was no he would stay base camp and it wasn't his style as because he puts it the fact that it was my style and I was elected to become had a mandate? Just didn't way with him at all I think he felt that it was my responsibility to adjust to him raw than the other way rounded sounded. I'm afraid I reject that I must say to you. I completely reject the suggestion that I ever bullied. Anyone anywhere anytime I to to I reject and robot these allegations which are hurtful and of course An attack Oh my character and property and I totally we reject it some of the people who are getting for man. It's very obvious that is an orchestrated. Effort may be politically motivated. Ez some of them quenching titled People Who Frankly Rather Look down on me. Look down on me now and look down on me then and you know I have had quite a lot in course of my life Russell. sniffy in some cases snobbish people who think their superior will. I'm afraid I frankly that. Not much trump will. This is obviously in the context of being performed for a peerage bridge and if it if that does go ahead and is by the way the motivation is absolutely explicit. have in one of them has been in the sense. Hopefully explicit in sagged. That's that's coming up. Apparent e attach enormous wait till his own views and thinks that the nation should keenly attend to his every astronauts. The person concerned has very little knowledge of the House of Commons and had very limited interaction with me. We had a couple of arguments wanting twenty eleven on the other in two thousand twelve. He wasn't one of these. People wasn't two the employees of the House of Commons by. He obviously thinks that his words were very very way too important and must be repeated on innumerable locations. And you know He. He appears in the media very regularly. He signed up to an agency getting him work in this field and I mean we work. I'd say he's paid paid work or not. I'm making no allegation in that sense. But what I'm saying is obviously thinks terribly important but he takes to the public square and he's been very explicit in saying yes. He doesn't think I should be a member of the house where we're extraordinary Marie grateful to him for his house. But he's not the arbiter of these few to get if you can have lords. UFC came as a speaker. You had big priority list of priorities. If you're in the Lord's awards. What would you want to do that? They at least sure if I were there I would want to draw my experience prince to talk about parliamentary themes and parliamentary reform and to champion causes the dare to me a one calls that is incredibly dear to me is the pursuit of gracious Social Mobility and the adoption of an internationalist outlook in tackling and some of the problems that our country and the world face. I have no right. It is not a matter of entitlement. They're a very respectable arguments for saying that the speaker shouldn't automatically go to the House of Blues but ordinarily when there is an idea abroad overlaps changing an established procedure the would be some in consideration of that that might be a consideration by the procedure committee. A report undertaken and the house would consider. Let's be absolutely clear. That's not what has happened in this case base indeed until very recently. CD Ministers gave me the impression that they fully intended that. I should go to the hassles. What's happened here? Is the a group. The people have come together and said either for reasons brexit related or other reasons. Let Block him. That's what's happened. While I'm sure that the the yearbook will come will come your foes down when they read your warm testaments. Ucla flying very is thank. Thank you Jim Berg thank you mm-hmm Now.

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