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But you have to have a responsibility to your shareholders. The Knicks have not been a successful franchise for the better part of two decades. The woman who scaled the base of the statue of liberty on the fourth of July to protest President Trump's immigration policies, testified before a federal judge in Manhattan today. Patricia Okumu says she had nightmares over the images of migrant children being separated from their parents at the border with Mexico and couldn't live with the site of children in cages without bringing the issue to a broader audience. A coup is facing this misdemeanor charges of trespassing interference with the functions of a government agency and disorderly conduct one of her attorneys is Ron Kuby who says police blew the whole thing out of proportion. She got to the point that she climbed to without incident. She ultimately left without incident. The evacuation of the entire liberty island was a wild overreaction. Judge. Gabriel Gorenstein says he may rule later today. If he finds her guilty sentencing will come at a later date. Wins. News time seven President Trump faces a showdown with congress this week on his border wall. He says he's willing to shut down the government. If he doesn't get the five billion dollars needed for his wall. Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer says the president doesn't have the votes in the house or Senate, and he should accept a much smaller border security appropriation. Some confusion remains after the death of a seven-year-old girl from Guatemala. She died shortly after crossing the border with her father correspondent, Ed Levin. Dera has more congressional delegation is expected to visit the border patrol station in New Mexico where this young girl from what was I treated a little.

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