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Is going to beat Donald Trump in a primary. Is almost unfathomable. Didn't he just run with Gary Johnson? Unlike the what do they call it the libertarian ticket? Yeah. Good luck with that Bill and and pass the Bong, you know, to to Hobo or somebody. I don't know. But it's time to stop hitting on the on the we'd you know, it's starting to really affect your sense you coming up in the next segment, I'm going to be talking with Ashley Bratcher. She is the star of the movie unplanned, and she'd been through a lot with this movie. And and yet she would do it all over again. When you hear her story, you'll know why? So I'm glad that we'll be able to talk with Ashley Bratcher in the next segment of the show. So many things I wanna talk about today. Really, you know, I had to go somewhere last night. So the Bernie debate or whatever it was a town hall meeting. I didn't really have an opportunity to watch it live. I think it started at like six thirty which is unusual time, right? And then I didn't get home until like nine o'clock. And then I was sitting there alongside of my husband who had taped it for me. And he said because he is now got all the cables back. You know, he was miserable without it, and I can't have miserable. So I said, okay. He said, let's watch the Bernie town hall, and I said no said, what do you mean? No, don't you want to see it as I had no desire to hear it. And I'll tell you why. Because there is nothing Bernie Sanders could say that would make me take him seriously as a candidate, you know, you Democrats enjoy yourselves not yourselves out with the Verney Sanders. And with the mayor Pete's and all of them. I mean, I have a great time. You know, I I went through this with all those Republicans three years ago. It's your turn have a great time. But me. You know, I I'm trying to think if there's anybody who's townhall meeting. I would like to listen to I certainly could care less about who was the one that had another one last night Kirsten gillibrand. She was on CNN avenue townhall, who do you think watch that one? Exactly. And and the only reason anybody watched the Bernie Sanders one was because it was on the Fox News network, which he continued to make fun of and Bret Baier finally stuck to them. Or do we want to get back to audience questions? I want to say that we understand, and we're very grateful that you're here. We are giving you an hour of substance and talk on our airwaves. So we can get over the FOX thing if if you are. But he couldn't get over it. You know, they can't get over it. But at least Bernie had enough sense to know that if he actually wants to be seen by people. He's probably better off going on the FOX network, then he is going on any of the others because there's precious few people left watching them, and I suspect that after Thursday when the redacted report from that horrible. Bob Muller in the terrible Bill Barr who used to be heroic. Now, a horrible comes out. They'll be in less reason to watch CNN and MSL stay so get used to FOX who liberals choice.

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