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8 We had a $49 furnace tuna by calling 809 four 8 Mike Traffic and weather on the 8 stage dildine in the TOP traffic center Michelle and Virginia on I 95 southbound slow out of quieta and garrisonville and passed Stafford exit one 40 a crash reported a crash in the 95 local lanes near the rappahannock river still blocking the right side still heavy in the local lands and also to a lesser extent in the through lanes and on wet pavement A little bit of light rain here in this part of the region Stafford Fredericksburg on interstate 95 66 eastbound heavy and slow through centerville beyond 28 the crash motorcycle involved left side of 66 blocked No crashes reported on the beltway that goes from Virginia and Maryland Through Annapolis westbound traffic is slow en route 50 westbound past beta and Richie highway the crash is on the western end of the severn river bridge It was only one lane getting by the crash response I 70 westbound after route 94 woodbine rolled over dump truck off the road but the response keeps the right side of I 70 blocked Two 70 lane blockage reported and traffic is moving well if you're moving northbound out of rock fill in the Germantown do have a crash reported but unconfirmed and Gaithersburg southbound past one 24 Are your feet freezing on water walking on cold floors The problem could be your crawl space Value dry waterproofing offers free crawl space inspection visit value dry waterproofing dot com Dave Delhi WTO traffic storm team four meteorologist.

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