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Seven two now i have my own suspicion here if you look at the biggest audiences for the show and i pulled these numbers the other night it was in tulsa oklahoma cincinnati ohio kansas city missouri where twenty nine percent twenty nine percent of the city tuned into roseanne now why is that and then there was chicago pittsburgh pennsylvania these are the highest markets for the show clearly and people are well it's the trump effect it's well that's a piece of it it's not the whole thing i do think people like the idea that at least trump supporters they're thereby i mean middle america were being acknowledged it doesn't mean everybody's a trump supporter doesn't mean roseanne is some trumpian hero or superhero she's not and the show i would argue is not a conservative show by any stretch it's a complex character driven chill and even those who tuned in we'll know it was there was a surrogacy plot but one of her daughter's won't wants to be a surrogate there was a cross dressing grandson she was dealing with she and her husband are trading you know their prescription drugs across the table he's boozing it up out in the garage i mean this is not you know the waltons mountain it was not an ideal family it's a reflection of the conflicted i think families that we see in america people trying to make ends meet good people people with foibles people with mistakes people with challenges and that i believe that accurate reflection not just the political layer which only if the truth be known was only evident in the first episode second episode didn't have any of that at all now we hear reports that the president cold roseanne to congratulate her on the ratings and apparently he told her well i'll read this you are known him for many years zan bar said we should get this audio it's on abc's she went on we have the rest of the audio she went on and said i i've known him for many years and he's done a lot of nice things for me over the years and it was just a friendly conversation about working in television ratings he really understands ratings and how they measure things and that's kind of been an interest of mine too and.

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