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4 x fat hor pal newsradio 1090 i know personally that dare concert registered a formal complaint was over lay hold in dare to lower the tolls as he did that can executive kevin campbell said a so horrible as it relates to uh public policy will lower those tolls just a horrible thing to do their color of well you upset with that again lauren because i got an email from my boss working for kevin 'caminante saying that i happen to be upset you'd it department yeah there's an accident it was inappropriate and he apologized unreservedly after he got you know at the became potentially threatening my job what else is coming up with their cutter show from one or two or three other below the fact that that selecting the issue of tolls being decreased are horrible thing that is that is just amazing to me that is that's what he said that's dumb well that's politically town i don't know who i mean and those tall should be raised i have no doubt that there are plenty of democrats in this state who would want to get deeper into our wallet absolutely but you don't do so after elected right you don't campaign on i am going to charge you more on your daily commute any other yet i'm going to make sure you'll like it you pay more for your getting to work you go than ever before yeah that's special special what is coming up on your show for what are the three white privilege nonstop white privilege horse there's a test their university is on offering its students for extra credit san diego state university.

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