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Awesome. I'll save ten dollars a month type thing and and I just you know just more more folks having the band to be able to to enjoy the stuff and man physical album sales fall down to nine percent. You know we've heard so much talk about about well you know the hipsters and deejays are keeping vinyl alive not that people still aren't buying that but it does seem like it is. We're we're getting to the end of life here in the majority of that. Physical decline is CDs. CDs are now just an inconvenient way to get digital music right they. I thought the last time I got a CD was from from a kickstarter. I had backed and I knew I was going to get the CD. It wasn't like it was a surprise but once I got it I was like wait. What do we do with this because I also had the MP threes from that kickstarter right? So I'm like doc I don't have a convenient way to rip this. I don't need to rip it because I got the MP threes like. I'm not sure what I'm doing with the CD and I think eighty two percent percents music consumption being streaming. I think that's where the everyone you could. You could literally round that up to everyone in the eighteen percent can complain but most everyone is just streaming their music. Now thank you and I probably most of us here Like what do we do with this thing just gets up from its them. Best music compilations. That's great but I have nowhere to. Where would I played as an L. In my front room? If I get a vinyl copy of something then I know exactly what to do. That's funny yeah Well congratulations to Drake Billy Andrade. I don't know who we had a we had a story on streaming numbers from spotify. Gosh last month I think post Malone was their number one artists so looks like he's He's he's a crowd favourite. Yeah and they're making money have been streaming more music Like I just use apple music through the Amazon Echo and just I played. Today's hits quite often so you know who is the five years ago. There were people who were like but streaming streaming. You don't really own the music. What if the album gets yanked for some reason from the service that you use and and you know you really earn control of that that does sometimes happen open but less and less frequently so streaming music is is has has gotten pretty solid to the point where it is a rare day where I go? Where's this album on apple music music that I wanted and and doesn't exist anymore? Now we need to do TV and we're good search ten speed and Brown pilot is available for streaming we'll know where their researchers researchers at malware bytes say that an android phone subsidized by the US government for low income users comes preinstalled with software. That installs adware without the user's knowledge. Your permission software is located in the settings APP meaning you could uninstall it but then you'd be uninstalled the settings APP which means you wouldn't be able to use your phone so not really a way to uninstall it a second piece of software called Wireless Update installs your phone's security and system updates. It's but also other apps without permission. It appears to be a variant of a AD OPS from Chinese company that was found to collect user data on blue phones. So that's worrying and again if you could remove it but if you do you won't get any system in security updates anymore.

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