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What we know from another asians in every single treaties an innovation tells you this is that innovation is fundamentally nonlinear if you're endeavour set you up to try to predict the future so that you know went to start executing you are studying the right away so what i tell my students in what we the way we teach our than the way in the book is your challenges the scale of something that's the only thing that matters and you cannot scale out by moseley these are she than execution from abia execution will change idea and your idea would change what gutter coupon continues the a different scale so is that from whence comes the infamous pivot or you get all these startup companies in silicon valley and they look like they're going to be one thing and then halfway through suddenly the point in a different direction from a fundamentally similar technology your idea but but the problem they're trying to solve seems to be something completely different than the original idea i love that you called it infamous pivot it was me uber that yes in infant well have we heard that phrase a million times in the i decade you know a lot about innovation we're just chatter i did depends on from what you're looking at it so if you are at the receiving end of it and you're just looking at what accompanied us without the knowledge of what they're doing every day it looks as though they change direction all the time now that's just a perception from the outside which means is not what you should do if what people think you're doing but what you are doing is effectively continuously change incrementally how you're thinking about it reformulating had continuously as you start to get traction in different directions it seems as though you're doing different things but every time you look at any of those stories.

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