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Bays From around the world to a round the block this is a WABC evening news brief 57° mostly clear at 7 o'clock at evening on bob Brown President Biden signing a bill providing Ukraine with over 13 and a half $1 billion in additional military and humanitarian aid as part of a $1.5 trillion measure funding the U.S. government for the year In addition And the ability of the alcohol tobacco and firearms tackle to tackle gun crime and its funds entirely new community violence intervention programs Just at the Department of Justice Federal judge of Miami ordering Enrique tarrio a former leader of the far right Proud Boys be held in jail without bail while he awaits trial on charges related to the January 6th capitol riots which prosecutors allege tario played a key role in coordinating The price of oil keeps rising with the Russian oil embargo not making things any easier Red Apple chairman and oil refinery owner John cassavetes appearing on Fox News says North America should be energy independent I had to Alberta commission the energy commission down in my office last Friday North America could probably do $15 million a day become energy independent Why do we have to depend on OPEC Why do we have to depend on Russia Why do we have to depend on Venezuela and foreign sources He says if Biden announced North America will be energy dependent the price of oil would drop by half A man suspected of stalking and shooting homeless people asleep on the streets of the city and in Washington has been arrested Police say at least two people were killed and three others wounded in the attacks The suspect Gerald Brevard was arrested in Washington on murder assault and other charges The 30 year old lives in the Washington area He was charged today only in connection with the Washington cases and has not been charged as of yet in the New York attacks Advocates for the homeless say the relieved by the arrest but urge officials in both cities to provide more assistance to people without housing A 17 year old is in very serious condition after he and a 16 year old were stabbed during a fight outside of queen's high school It happened at John Adams high school in south ozone park both victims taken to Jamaica hospital Two journalists working from Fox News were killed in Ukraine after their vehicle came under fire outside of Kyiv The incident on Monday that took the lives of videographer Pierre Jacques Rossi and a Ukrainian journalist Alexis Sandra Alexis Sandra khrushchev also injured reporter Benjamin hall Who remains hospitalized and they were the second and third journalists killed in Ukraine in two days following the death of documentary filmmaker Brent Renault The Russian TV journalist who stormed the herd TV station studio during a live broadcast to protest Russian propaganda and its war in Ukraine is said to be missing The 43 year old woman was arrested by police and is being held at an undisclosed location supporters of Russia's president Vladimir Putin have called for the woman to be jailed for ten years but she may have found a savior French president Emmanuel Macron is offering protection from the French embassy and asylum to the anti war activist He said he will propose a solution and a direct and very concrete manner to Putin in their next phone call As Russia's offensive moves closer to Kyiv the leaders of Poland the Czech Republic and Slovenia are traveling there on a European Union on a European Union mission While in Kyiv on Thursday they will meet with Ukraine's leaders a series of strikes hitting a residential neighborhood in Ukraine's capital city The prime minister of Poland said the visit is about the future of our children who deserve to live in a world free from tyranny Back here the moment stabbing suspect Gary Cabana was arrested this morning on a bus depot in Philadelphia Police say he's also being connected to an arson at a best western hotel in Philadelphia That this individual was also suicidal and was suffering from some mental health issues So we realized that he was possibly armed.

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