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Barak and i'm katina sawyer and welcome to the worker being podcast. Today patricia has an article for us. So do you wanna give us a little taste of what we're about to hear about today. Yes so the sneak. Peak is that when employees are finding their work meaningful. They tend to feel better and the study. That i'm gonna talk about is how can we make work more meaningful. So the two things that can drive that. And i'll talk about them and a little bit more detail but i'll just see the the names of the things that can help make work more meaningful and it's tommy and actually. I don't even know if this word. Beneficient s- benefits. I think it's beneficent beneficent see i fail. No no. i'm not of saying like the name. yes i know. I realize now. That maybe i should have like You know looked it up before we recording but Yeah well i'll explain it is and probably everyone's gonna write in and tell us that we set it wrong but it is what it is. I feel like i have always read it as.

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