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Ten seconds the fastest ever for a managed seventy years old so there's footage and he's a retired doctor footage showing him stepping off the course and then re entering at another point it's the Rosie Ruiz thing all over again he claims that he wanted and just needed to use the restroom yeah right sometimes you you know as I say you need to vape do you get off that course and do something there's a restroom I gotta make a few calls then on Twitter Instagram right anyway this is continuing it sounds like they have evidence that he may have cheated in other races as well that's the problem I forgot I was supposed to stay on the course the whole time all my gosh thank you it's a good retirement gig you know winning races but yeah sometimes if you're too good a time you know I mean a finish time you know it you set records and that's a bad thing right from you you know it brings the scrutiny and that is bad says all of a sudden they start looking at him and he's a running coach I think means and always saying run with me I will show you I can do this but they have I think of a real skeptical eye toward this guy Frank mesa and they disqualified him they say it's impossible they kind of they kind of got enough evidence on him video evidence as it turns out so there you go but he's a lifelong runner and an assistant coach for track and cross country at Loyola high wow good it's over Frank you're busted I'm sure is a nice man but you know crime doesn't pay right bread right when we come back a little Kamel Harris will Joe Biden will get international politics and also an update on the July fourth festivities planned on the national mall all about to gum KGO eight ten this.

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