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Kevin, Owens wins the universal title, which of those four sound most appealing to you and why? I love Kevin Owens so lovable, and so he's just so you can't not. I whatever is in Kevin. Owens is interest is. What for Kevin. I mean, I've, that's one of like the last two choices are the more interesting of the two. I don't know. There's no wrong answer. I mean, I'm asking your opinion, I guess I guess responsible if what you say happens if it happens, it is totally in control. Yeah. Yeah system, and I made it happen. Their row. Originally, I tr- I was trying to think of like who's like a movie star equivalent to that of like this is just someone who is the safest possible choice where they're not bad at their job. They're not a bad person, but they're not really compelling, and no one really wants to watch them for too long. Like there's, I think there's a lot of analogs that I just am not thinking of in like music and movies of secure someone who's just constantly. Mar, Mike Welbeck's, bad person. Eat blinded the kids he blind. Yeah, he blinded someone and he's and he's racist and he's bad. So not that one, but the but like there's Donnie Wahlberg. Donny had the right stuff so he did and he did. That was the kind of thing. Let's move on to smackdown guys. I'm Mark the date, the twenty. Fifth of July. What had in the year of our Lord twenty see that. I decided that I'm into Randy Orton together. Yeah. Hey, look, Yup. Yup. Promo promo that promo, that promo, everybody did. We all say like it's hot made me thick in the private jet was incorrect. Yes, Endo makes me so angry and then west out something that's so good. It's it's almost like, are you tweeting out things to make me hate you because you know that you will do a fire promo when a week God, it was so far. Yeah, it's really good the day that day grant Yordan became presidential. No, not Randi all lives matter Orden we're doing this. He did it. He did it on the way he went that you went there, they all are all along. A little cast. I think he might be blue lives matter extent other than other than the new day. I think they're all Republicans. I think probably fucking tied. This is like, they, you know, that's that's we're dealing with his statement was really good. I loved his statement. Oh, all my heart. Yeah, yes. Is Titus, his demand. That is use his whole phone battery. Oh. Whole bus ride. I love the fake baby. It was good MS baby to get heat. He's so good. You know my problem with that segment, you have to know my problem with that. You knew it was coming. Know that what fuck with Daniel Bryan wanna come out there and fuck with the MS, his kid, what baby face. One of go, fuck with somebody in someone who has a bait in who made such a big part of their public persona. Why would they wanna get on the Cameron? Say what come out there and say, congratulations person that when you're holding your kid professional wrestling, I know, but there's still moral. Reuters, you know, it's, there's, there's loose morality, just like, because ultimately is either it makes him look. Hyper aggressive in a way I don't fuck with or just dumb in a way. I don't fuck wit. Yeah. Daniel Bryan do a mean thing. I just love him. Sure want to see him bad. 'cause there's no, he's a defender of nice people, and he has never been bad, not only fake. Maybe, but the baby backstage was an actor. I like that line. I did like I really liked it line a lot because baby got a big pop when they showed him on camera. Sure. So I liked it like he went back any race that baby face pop the baby, got the baby baby face. Yeah. He's..

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