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Mobile bedding but only on premises. So if you're at the blackjack table, you can bet there. But in state geo tag, there is no bedding and as well. You can bet things important on ole miss and the in state schools and Mississippi, which in New Jersey, you cannot with wonders with Rutgers and again, obviously very different Mississippi college football than New Jersey. But an interesting distinction between those two. It's funny the on premises thing, cantor gaming used to do that when I lived in Vegas. I mean, like if you in your Roman play online blackjack, sorta like that sort of concept, maybe even three or TV. I want to say at the hard rock when CG did it there. It seems archaic now where we are now is is gambling society, but that was a big step back then that you didn't have to go down and fire on that ten AM kickoff on an NFL Sunday. You can just do it from your bed if you're in on the premises. So that's the first step. It's further along than some of these other states, right? Like Delaware, but I think they're all gonna get there because that's the competitive advantage. I mean, two thousand eighteen. You can't be driving x amount of miles and traffic to make a bet you wanna be doing it from your home and blah, blah, blah. We all know that draftkings we're going to talk to him about that. But even before that the fantasy daily fantasy world, you don't go somewhere to place those bet you do it online yet. And this week as well as if we didn't have enough news draftkings opening mobile bedding in New Jersey, they will be soon be followed a believe by MG. AM and other sportsbook operators as well who wanna get up before football season that again will be if you're within the borders of New Jersey and you have that app, you can place a bet. I think it'll be fascinating to see. You know, our people in New York, let's say, theoretically, just driving across the border, you know, parking, placing bets, same thing, Pennsylvania, obviously riding a subway content can take the subway. I think the first week in the Meadowlands will obviously be covering very heavily, but giants Jaguars you'll gonna have the fan duel sportsbook there a lot to figure out. But again, just a big Newsweek and probably the biggest headline this week. All things considered was the NBA's announcement with the MGM. We're gonna talk to him about it. He did an article with our Darren Revell about this and just the magnitude is and I talked about it on sportscenter. My initial reaction is this is just a win for sports betting. The supreme court was the first giant step. But they're still a stigma. They're still the degenerate back room, sort of uneducated perception that having the Commissioner of the NBA get up there and partner with the MGM a league that had a betting scandal with a referee. Not that long ago, ten years ago, ish to do that and say, we are partnering, we have a sponsorship. We are saying that sports betting is above board. There's nothing funny about this and we have a partnership with them and we're happy to do it. I think that's the big sort of victory. I would agree. I think that it was a excellent photo op regardless. And I do think it was not surprising to see the NBA be the first league, especially with Adam silver's op Ed in two thousand fourteen New York Times. He was kind of the first one publicly to again, he wanted a federal solution, not what we have right now, which is state by state, but to openly discuss sports betting. To discuss it intelligently and the the. That were there and just say, look, we recognize we had this Tim Donaghy scandal. We think it would not have come to light or been minimized greatly if it was out in the open with these monitoring services, which we didn't have as much then. And this is the way we basically want to have it go. We want to work with casinos and I think they've done that. And this was another big step..

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