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Devolved into something this ugly Megan Rapinoe and the rest of the U. S. women's team on Wednesday took the pitch pre game with their shirts inside out of hiding the U. S. soccer crest they're also skeptical via ology that was issued by the U. S. soccer federation the president Carlos Cordeiro that apology coming on Wednesday earlier on ESPN radio or service pain will go away if you didn't question exactly what the motives are of the soccer federation before you you certainly can't they have made very clear what what their goal is right now and that is to support poisoned men's soccer regardless of influence success or revenue I say that because the original argument that they often made was about revenue streams and then as the women despite being under funded passed by the men in many revenue categories they started changing their argument to antiquated PS like saying that the men because of science are stronger and faster and therefore more skilled and if the men's team was going to play the women's who would win as if that applies to real life in any way whatsoever since these women do not play man they play other women and they beat them all the time whenever they are asked to in every single tournament in a way that has done far more for soccer in this country than the men's team has consistently underperforming and not being able to live up to the claims that soccer's gonna take over just as soon as our men's team literally even qualifies for the World Cup not to mention wins it like the women keep doing and they follow that up with the argument that the job that the men's national team player does carries more responsibility in part because they face hostile fans of their own home games guess why because they suck because they can't fill the stands with their own fans because they're not any good and sometimes when they go to other countries those fans are mean to them so that's a tougher job and they should get paid more as if the opposing fans being jerks to them is more of a barrier that centuries of institutionalized sexism a lack of funding and a federation that doesn't even support its own program these arguments are so dumb and so blatantly sexist but it becomes extremely clear that this federation which by the way is not a privately league that is set up to profit like say the NBA or the NFL it is a federation whose proposed purpose is to support soccer for boys and girls and men and women and to support our national teams and they are not doing that because they are giving their sons a thousand dollar investment and their daughters a dollar and then they're asking the daughters how come your business isn't doing as well if you are going to consistently underfunded and under invest and then try to use revenue streams as an argument for why you should keep investing in the one that you've already invested in then your search questions twenty two they're never going to catch up and then when they do catch up despite you underfunding them then you change the argument so there's a little bit of contentiousness between the two sides incidently again the U. S. wins the she believes Cup three one with a win over Japan they win their third Cup the only country to win the she believes cop one more than once they also wanted twenty sixteen and twenty eighteen straight ahead things are on hold things are up in the air a lot of questions sports are only contingency has been radio.

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