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They're like mantras. Tell me what to do and so when you have a book that just like hey listen. You got problems. Look at these. Three companies had had problems. All they had to do was squirts some windex on their elbow. And do these two easy tricks and success and they get a promotion you know. It's those kinds of prescriptive easy. Methodologies hijack our brain 'cause we we want to see some hope but it's not bad. I don't think it's bad to start off now that he can't end there in a prescriptive manner right right. Yeah just just because something is simple doesn't mean that it's bad but fads do have that quality of being something very simple. They are also falsely encouraging. And they promise some sort of outcome that is great in his very positive. And it's going to make my employees more productive and more motivated and it's going to give us more profit et cetera et cetera So you know they they oftentimes will Kind of make the mistake of assuming causation. When there isn't some right so they'll use maybe a case study that says this happened in. You know this company and then they had great prophets. Well you know. It's probably a little bit more complicated than that in reality but fads are falsely encouraging in addition to being simple right and a lot of these business books have nice stories. I'm thinking about gold. Rats book the goal and That's all about. The theory of constraints theory of constraints is super important for planning out. Any manufacturing facility. But they always have the strange story. You know tommy business. Executive was having a hard time in his relationship at home and it creates an encouraging thing. It's important like it's emotionally important to be encouraged but anybody. That's plot promising. You a golden silver. Whatever gold bullet that will get you done. That's not likely to be true right right. So another quality that management fads tend to have according to this article in addition to being simple and also encouraging is that they are one-size-fits-all That they suggest that these these are universal rules and principles now. There are some universal rules and principles out there. So don't get me wrong You know. I think that most people will for example resonate well with supervisors who care about people's wellbeing in value their contributions. But you know they kind of say that you can do something you know. Something was done in one company and it could be easily transplanted into another not necessarily the case. Yep that's right at the next one after that is in tune with zeitgeist and for people that don't know zeitgeist is who do not know at zeitgeist as or speak german. That's like the the angst of the times You know the stuff the pop stuff. That's going on right now that has to do with and i don't think this is a bad thing. Zeitgeist isn't necessarily bad But like minority issues in the workplace Black lives matters some of those kinds of things so right now if you want to sell stuff to companies if you're selling diversity and inclusion training you know there's a bigger amount of people to sell to but if you want to sell up something really vanilla such as sprucing up. Somebody's quarterly or annual performance reviews. Well you know it's just too old fashioned to be helped to get sold right. Maybe maybe you know so. Those things don't fall in the fad category another piece of You know another criteria and if you will that we can look at. That will help us. Spot management fads is that they are easy to cut and paste You know they are simple and easy to apply you can kind of you know do.

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