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They need to be the ones that you want to start with. Because if i changed my kids when they're little and sort of give them the right healthy habits. It's not like a change. It doesn't feel like they're giving something up. I'm giving them healthy fruits from the beginning. I love to tell the story because when my son was about seven or eight he goes mama. I don't like kale. And i said oh son that's okay i don't care you know i said i love you. I don't care. And it's not that i loved him. Obviously i loved him. And that's why i'm giving him kale and so now. He eats kale and spinach and easily. I mean they take a sal every day. My kids take spinach or red peppers with hamas as their vegetable every single day for lunch. And i don't even. I don't have to remind them they just want that And so i think if you start with those kind of habits at a young age you're going to give your kids A lifestyle a lifetime of good health straight you out good health and longevity and i want to present something to you and ask your professional opinion so it six hundred ninety thousand eight hundred eighty. Two people died of heart disease in the year. Twenty twenty so almost exactly double the amount of people that That died of coded And A a doctor who We work with quite frankly switch for good who's a physiology professor of diet and disease chapman university Says that of that statistic about eighty five percent of those heart disease deaths could be connected back to foodborne illness lifestyle. So that is that is his opinion of looking at the research. First of all. I wanna find out how you feel about that statistics statistic and then what on earth can we do to help people understand that maybe eighty five percent or more or a little less of the power is in their hands. You so totally agree you know. I don't care. The percentage as much as absolutely so most of heart disease is correctable with lifestyle. I'm gonna show you a picture I'm terrible drawer. That is not my forte. So maybe i'll just pretend i'll give you a graph in my hand. So this is a graph in this is Risk on the x access and low risk of having calcium or plaque in your heart on the y axis and if you have low genetic risk and you and you have a poor lifestyle you are going to have this much calcium say so low genetic risk but more poor lifestyle but if you are going to have a low. Genetic brisk and low good lifestyle. You're going to have a reduction in that risk by fifty percent so similarly if you look at a person with high genetic risk mean can't change my parents. My dad had a heart attack fifty. I've just accepted. I'm gonna habit wait a second. That's not true. Hold the phone. That's not true because if you have high genetic risk and you have a poor lifestyle yes your risk of plaque says this much but if you have high genetic risk in good lifestyle you can reduce that risk by fifty percent so.

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