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We can do video or regular chats were using phone meetings were having appointment schedules and we never had before so well. The delivery mood has changed. I really do think that we're doing everything we can to keep our students on track, and that means we get there might be a little different, but we're doing our best, and we're hoping to be able really this fall in a virtual way to be able to connect with the majority. Now I really know I know that the G I bill has changed in some formats and and the allowances of that, and I know even recently, there were some changes to that. Can you speak on any of that? Are you aware of that? Of course, The The current changes are do call in on the most recent, I should say changes our duke over and they go through December. 21st I think of 2020 So they cover the fall semester as well. And what they did was they allowed some flexibility s o that when somebody's taking an online course, and they're using a post 9 11 g I bill if they're taking all online courses, and that's due to Kolia changes than that student can get the full G idol Still really the regular normal post 9 11 g. I bill really only allows a full housing allowance. If the student has won on round their traditional asked Andi. They kind of knocked that out was through December. So that was the big one. You know, students are really concerned, especially those that have already been in school, you know, even registered for this fall. We're talking to students who are really concerned about whether or not they're going to get that housing payment s O. That was very important and very well done by our government. If people want to learn more about going to Macomb County, McComb Community College or about some of the things going on, Where can they contact you? They could definitely reach out to us. The best way nowadays is almost always by phone. They can call us They're 586 Or four or five. 7999 and we are auction seven. We'll talk directly to one of the office specialists for myself is we answered the phone..

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