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World economic forum week we'll talk artificial intelligence of automation but team speakers such as cvg your more of hcl technologies joined us golfer quash tidier electric david winning of ebay and many more proudly sponsored by hcl technologies for more info visit bloomberglivecom now the federal government spending authority ran out at midnight last night after the senate failed to approve a shortterm spending extension so the government shutdown congressional leaders of the white house are continuing negotiations to try to get the governmentfunded the president's morning tweets very topical this is the one year anniversary of my presidency and the democrats wanted to give me a nice present but there is something afoot here the house is in session with the senate coming in this afternoon whether you call it a master stroke or a mathematical compromise both chambers will consider a government funding bill to february eight instead of a week later that might be sweet spot enough to get sixty votes in the senate and a bipartisan yes from the house it would also provide longer negotiating time for the democrats priority what happens to the dreamers bob costantini capitol hill twenty two north korean athletes will march where the south korean team in the winter olympics opening ceremony and two americans and two canadians kidnapped tuesday in nigeria were freed last night they are in good condition i'm christopher cruise there is use the business hip boards on bloomberg radio with scout such nagen michael barr thanks for joining us let's continue our conversation with the deputy commissioner of the national basketball association marked tatum and market you talk about players having voices and not being free to use them lebron james himself as a media company at this point in the.

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