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Got I told you yesterday. Yeah. You told us we all got the thing that she made it through surgery safely. I mean, how do you communicate these these with your family live outside true? That's how good. Yeah. She has the same problem that I have with surgery, which is you can't keep down the ping medication now to manage them becomes interesting though, she's struggling with that a little bit. She just was so excited though about our new oil baby. And she was she was doing junior producing. Of course, some text messages making sure that you have all the information on the early. And then you no, she's crash. We hope her while she's supposed to be back tomorrow. Patrick racy is co-hosting tomorrow with what maybe Laurie, and I maybe what maybe. Or maybe Lori nine Patrick supplies is what's going to happen tomorrow? We'll see what happens. Yeah. But we've got tickets to give away today. Don't we dining y'all? We have another pair of tickets to give away to the sold-out shop til you drag event produced by flip phone that'll be Sunday may nineteenth out of Rosedale center. The von Maur court, and we'll give those VIP tickets away today tomorrow and Friday, and we'll let you know when to call in for those. I know yeah, you're gonna wanna on that doing that. Okay. So this is kind of sweet news. I thought, you know, our ACTA pool is very active here in the twin cities area. And Caroline inner bitch ler. That you pronounce it cler. I don't know C H Birchler don't know how to pronounce her Caroline. I from Egan. That's big jab. She's going to be touring on the national tour of the smash bribery, musical frozen. We'll congratulate he's gonna play Anna who's the Royal sister. Who does not sing let it go. Good songs for herself nonetheless. And she actually this woman. I feel like we've met her before because she starred in when the Guthrie theater adapted little house on the prairie. Yes. Played many yet. And she also was the lead in order as mama Mia last summer, which was great. She was played area on Chan has since little mermaid she appeared to sandy in Greece. So she's very well versed and Laura Donnie pronounce your last name. Laura office asked Natsios same. I can never put she's following her footsteps. Well, that's fantastic quite the resume already. And it looks like she's also going to be Carolina. I is going to be in guys and dolls at the Guthrie. Oh, yeah. We need to be there. This is like the hot hot one of the many hats shows. Yes. That is you going? Well, let's just double check. You real quick wanna make sure it looks like it's going to be running in July, July. Yes. So June twenty second through August twenty fifth. So essentially, it's going to be the entire summer guys and dolls at the Guthrie. It's a good show. Oh, yeah. Climatic by friend, Shannon's like her favorite play ever. But remember when we heard, you know, because they're making the movie adaptation of this. And we had heard that who wanted to try out. They were letting the guys try out first Mandy Moore. Yup. That's it. Yes. Yes. The studio did eventually deny that. Yeah. But they have to deny that. I mean they wanted to cast Nathan Detroit before they cast any of the female. With sky Masterson. Yep. Yeah, they need to ladies. First measure, there's chemistry and why I'm going to say there is because of this new program that I was very excited about lawyers very excited about its on stars. Uh-huh. Called the Spanish Princess, right? Donny. Remember? I wife. Yes. Catherine of Aragon. Yes. Okay. And so it starts out and what I find with these Stoorikhel fiction pieces is that you need to have attractive people in the leads. You mean, you don't want the the leads to be historically accurate, in any way, shape or form? How to look up. Donnie, who is it? And guess Imrie. I am R E Imran. He plays prince, Arthur. Yes. And now when I hear print author I think I'm allowed. Oh, yeah. I think you're putting in hot hot hot. Yeah. Also when this little boy came out with this little boy Martin saw. Boy who to the period of two. I I was like, no, no, how can you ruin it in the first episode? Did he have a great sixteenth century smile as well? Hello. Well, apparently, he's kind of. Just maybe what? Well, he's not good with his sword. Which was great voice. Yeah. It's okay. It may be both. But I will just say that he's more. He's just that. He doesn't like to fight the character in the show delayed by Angus prince Arthur with Catherine's first husband, something like that. But I mean, I was so disappointed. And then I looked at the haircut. And I thought oh God that looks like what? Told Jillian you're looking a little Dutch boyish today. Boyish, you know, the Pete guys, I'm telling you, I did not that never even crossed my.

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