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So I could continue to be salty about them moving on from Rosen and going from of may or the bit factor and listen to this. If Josh Rosen lights up this year collar Murray mites up. Miami travels the air is on next year. That would be a Sunday four we're going. We're going to you. And how to having our PM. They can also plan the Super Bowl this year to right? Yes. Yup. The dolphins are gonna make the Super Bowl is not kid ourselves. Definitely. Any last thoughts before route snow side? No, you'll hear how much draft capital we have gone into twenty twenty you'll hear about how much money we have left to spend. We have even more money that we could spend an terms of the contracts that we could get out of going into twenty twenty. Whether you're looking at Reshad Jones, TJ McDonald our Wilson Kenny stills, he go laws. Devante parker. So there are so many different directions that seem can go in that you just hope that the roots replanted this year. We're gonna build a sang. I just wanted to my head to Chris Greer because what he's done. I mean, I know we kind of thought this was going to be trust the process saying there's such a long way to go. But what he's done in a short matter time. I mean, some touched on all those picks next year. I mean that is a New England thing that the Miami Dolphins absolutely have not done in decades. And they go out there, and they they acquire all these picks. They go out there and get a quarterback who was highly touted the the year before you know, they got twenty two year old franchise potential game changing quarterback out of this draft. You gotta take out to Chris Greer. It's another solid Dr Christian Wilkins. I mean, that's a home pick, Michael. And Josh Rosen if those guys pan out, I mean, this franchise could be a contender for many many years. The next of free. This for the dogs will begin may eighth. Just went at the free agency. Sign will no longer comes against compensate, Tori formula, accumbens remain intact. So please keep your eyes on that. Dolphins are expected to be players in that second wave of regency. They a lot of interesting names out there to some bigger names that you wouldn't think would be available to points. Yeah. We'll definitely get that next week's on Vince radio which will be right before the start of that period. And again, the dolphins are expected to be active as look too short up their debts and get some bodies into camp and make sure the roster is sets as we head into the regular season..

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