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Six forty six am happy song you thought go one place and then when it went the other way it is Superbowl Sunday live everywhere on the I. her ready web streaming on the you to add on cheap yourself that Robert Earl keen the the recommendation from Brian Lesko in who's a listener in Texas and yeah I've heard of some long time all I'll retrieve that so you can have it for your playlist set sets again bumpers you won't hear on coast that's gonna go into that category right there I'm well very very sad of them for a local high school and local family I'm a teacher at Damien high school in la Verne is a E. R. was a volunteer search and rescue Balser dress you volunteer for Cymbalta Dino county sheriff's department this is the thing most most sheriff departments except well was super well funded once like LA county most sure terms in California amongst the fifty nine counties in California probably San Diego LA and San Francisco don't do this but others have volunteer no mounted the horse back yeah posses and and the whole thing and the this is what Tim staples did and you volunteer you go two hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and weeks and weeks of training and orientation usually come to the team with some skills fast water skills let me know technical climbing skills things like that or your next actual experience hiker with first a background and and if this is something you want to do then you should do it and I would encourage you now but a guy who was this selfless and was prepared to go out at a moment's notice and look for a stranger lost his life of up on mount Baldy now the city of Auburn and the students to Damien high school are coming to terms with that it was my band let.

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