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It's it's we all get it because it's the it's the wonderful ejection of these furious or for men in the face of a reasonable clever woman. That's the is that just makes it. I guess one of the things that kind kinda resonates with me. It is the so often we see things that are wrong. You know. I mean that we come across people who are just wrong in instant so many different ways. Most of the time in the day jobs we have you have to just navigate round. It's you know. Do the best you can with an and in that one moment it was like summary. Justice was dispensed this. Yes i get that. I think it's not something that people can really buy into. Because i think you know let people ask me about high. I get involved in local democracy. Why people get involved in politics a sector. And i thought it was kind of unique to me as often we do but actually a lot of people get involved for exactly the same reason. It's a sense of injustice. Something's wrong and we want to put it right. And i think that's kind of often the glue that binds us. So i think that's what people can of resonated with on some level and it was being reasonable. One and i think we're just so used to seeing the unreasonable and other people the media's the media's intended recently seems to be the other all those guys would be pam in that stuff now because all of that so horrible and rude..

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