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I think your what was your Your study at any one time. You're my is true story so of yes. Six the morning carpet ending. Orcher and i was i was i was. I was riding things. I was writing things. I was writing. I was writing a book. Okay and jumped off and they he saw and we put our heads row quick but he saw an officer came. He's like we're just like sitting here a couple you know offers like yet get out of here. Just just go. Oh my god. They're gonna fucking arrest us. And how do i explain this to my mom like when i'm in jail which you get arrested for i was walking kind seriously. Kunin you are officially live. At those bounced. Podcast day on air literally owned the mill. Point of view keenan. Do you prefer making love or fucking daft. any know. we're on air right now. You could call from your line coed on somebody audio from recording an episode right now. We're actually live on camera and on the air for the podcast from podcast show. And it's the sex episode. Don't be scared to add. Do you want to answer a couple of questions while i have you on air. He said mom keeping this private. I'm we'll call you when i get out here. I right so we have special guests in the building over here in the corner hiding today at lowe's lounge and that's our little friend over there a see buddy so we're going to change the dynamic of the conversation a little bit it is hispanic heritage. Is there is. There are lot more hispanic person that you consider a mentor or hero in our community for you..

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