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Going to do but i can give you hints. That's the worse i i you know i it is the worst i will do that but legally i can't but what i can't say i was going to host a really cool show. I was going to be there for months and last minute changed the air date and the date was going to be the same night as total bellas and total bells is my priority and so i had to sadly walk away from it and i was bumped for the whole thing i was going to work with an amazing production company and the people around were amazing and i was going to work on an amazing network and on top of as being queenstown new zealand silence. I know if i bring a major researcher. Yeah i research every spot is going to go for four weeks straight from queenstown. Just gonna be rahm a new zealand person so you sent me a zillion pictures begging me to come visit you when you're going to be there. I felt really bad for you because i was like saying like we're all packed and ready and i mean eighteen forty eight hours before that was it i mean i was packed and ready. I just want the cleanest swag. I finally beat serena williams on something. How amazing is that. I've really good swag. I mean bre- i do odell beckham junior which he got the king swag. He has a lot swag but you know what's worse than getting like. A trip cancelled forty eight hours. Let me guess you're definitely not drinking joseph car. It would be getting your car stolen. Yeah on your last day in lake tahoe. Oh my last day in lake tahoe. I wake up at six a._m. To text message roy mother o._m._g. Your car was stolen yet but you know what i have to say about that. Trust me. I was very upset for you you because i've been send you how many different kinds of cars that. I want you to drive so i can sit with you when you pull up valet no. I'm just kidding but the one lesson that i've learned 'cause you always hear it. You know when everyone says like okay. When one door closes another opens or everything happens for a reason and when i lost the gig for queenstown memberships that i was and there's someone who took my spot. I've been stalking their idea and then i had to stop. I was so sad because i was getting to see what is going to experience but i do have to say it is so true because there is other doors that have opened and you and i have a lot of amazing stuff. Are you saying tesla's gonna call me and they're going to be like hey. Can we threes. I i think some amazing car doors going to open some. Here's what's going to happen for a reason and i'm just gonna. I'm trying to tell myself that the person stole it. The was in so much money that they had to do that even on very angered the person because it's so violent you guys. My husband's car was right next to mine. Bree honda honda fit the baby blue. Do you understand that i was like why couldn't they have stolen car will never get stolen. I know the honda fit has nine lives. It's unreal but what happened is johnny my my mom moving into their new house literally the next morning they are moving and so they need to stay at my house that night and they asked if they can put their cars in my garage raj and then put my cars in the driver which i was like yeah we're in lake tahoe of course and then what happens my car gets taken. Everyone has cameras. You know the covered mind but that's able to community a gated community bill one sixteen a._m. They jumped in my car and they slowly took it out of driveway and slowly went out of the complex. Will you know what this means. What that when i moved next door to you we are going to get like german shepherds or what dog is like my favorite that i really wanna.

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