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Thanks for all those super ideas earth Rangers. Now, speaking of super skills, we're going to meet to the world's most powerfully toxic critters in the ultimate showdown. Meet our first contender, the world's most venomous creature, the bucks Jellison it'll be facing off against the world's most poisonous animal. The golden poison frog it's poison versus Benham and wait a second. Are venom and poison different ultimate showdown. Okay. Let's investigate the difference between venom and poison. I a couple of similarities between poisoning. Venom both are called toxins and both are really bad for you. But that's where the similarities end, then empoisoned are different. And the major difference is how the toxin is delivered to the unlucky victim poison has to be ingested. That means eaten or inhaled breath thin or absorbed through the skin. So a poisonous animal could only deliver this poison if another animal or person ate or touched it Benham on the other hand is injected some animals use their fangs to bite some spikes or Spurs were tend to to deliver. Venom of venomous animal has got to get the venom into their victim through a wound poison envenom similar, but not the same. How do I know all the stuff? Let's just say I was bitten by radioactive librarian. Okay. Unpunished the showdown. It's venomous box jellyfish versus poisonous golden frog. Let's see who's toxic superpower is strongest. Round one. The first thing we're going to look at is how easy it would be to encounter one of our toxic contenders. To find a box jellyfish you'd have to head out to the ocean. Mostly the northern coastal waters of stralia and around the Indo Pacific Ocean to find a golden poison frog you have to travel to the Pacific coast rainforests of Colombia. Neither of these toxic critters is easy to find. So I think this round ends in a tie round. Who? Okay. So both of these creatures are pretty tough. But which talks will incapacitate an unlucky victim faster. Who has the most toxic toxin if someone gets stung by a box jellyfish. They're in for a lot of pain sometimes for weeks and weeks after the sting and a box jellyfish sting can definitely fatal as for golden poison frog. They have enough toxin in their skin to kill ten people. That's crazy. Okay. This one goes to the golden poison frog Verschoor. I know round which one looks fiercer. It's the last round time to the side, which of these animals looks the fiercest closure is earth. Rangers. Imagine the beautiful ocean. In the ocean. You see a pale blue transparent jelly like creature. It has a buck shake bell. Best the top part of the jellyfish and the bucks has fifteen long tentacles hanging from each corner. Each tentacle can be up to ten feet long. Also, each tentacle is covered in St. sells out. Now. Imagine you're in a lush green rainforest in Columbia as you're walking. Something catches your eye. We spot a bright yellow frog about five centimeters long. It's incredibly vibrant, and well sort of a door -able, really. But don't touch it or you'll be sorry. Okay. I think the scarier critter in this case is definitely the box jellyfish, tentacle terrifying. So we have a tie both the box jellyfish and the golden poison frog win this showdown. And remember, even though these critters have amazingly talk superpowers, they're definitely not animals you're ever likely to encounter. So don't worry. You're safe. Okay. You're three injures. It's time to talk about a really important mission. I'm going to hand the mic over to captain conservation. And he'll fill you in. Attention earth Rangers. I need you to use your superpowers to help out with something important..

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