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Decisions aren't black and white. Think red 15. Now with Dave Preston. Debate through the Capitals are playing Pittsburgh with Tom Wilson tallying to could easily be down to nothing right now. The capital's do have the lead after the goal from Wilson, and now they've got another 10. What a chance. Wilson again coming down the middle of a pass from Carlson in the corner. John Walton on 1500 am canceling 31 in the second period. Wilson has two goals tonight. Lars Eller has the other for Washington. Rookie V. Tech Vantage. Tech has eight saves on nine shots face thus far, capitals going on the penalty killers. The Penguins have a power play right now, but the capsule eat 31 men's college. Troops. Maryland trails number seven Michigan 51 33 in the second after be held to 39% shooting two for 10 from three point range. Aaron Wiggins has nine points to face Maryland Wolverines hitting 10 of 17 from outside the arc. George Washington Post phones tomorrow's game with Dayton after a staff member in the traveling party tests positive for covert 19. The program is now on pause. Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher Don Sutton Passes away at the age of 75. He won 324 games with five team. Was in his big league career, mostly with the Los Angeles Dodgers, sudden broadcast Atlanta Braves games. He was also a part of the Nationals TV booth in 2007 in 2008, and I felt a pro Football Writers Association votes. Chase Young, the league's defensive rookie of the year. The washing of football team reboard reportedly set.

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