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Grow and scale business today. I've got a special guest chris smith chris. This is the first time we've ever done one of these together so i'm super pumped to have you. Thanks for being here today. Go thanks for having me. I've watched lost a few of your other shows and pump to be on your great interviewer and you've got a great community. Yeah yeah man. We're so excited. Okay so let's start out. I mean you're obviously either one of the co founders of curator that's kind of put your love and heart and soul into but you've got a back story so let's start this interview outright. Let's let's hear you said something about quicken loans man. Let's talk about the early days. Who's chris smith yeah so it's funny. It's there's four bs. He's right is to billionaires billion dollar company and then you know a billion dollar experience. Let's call us so. I started working in boiler rooms. Actually was cold. Caller calling leads for lou pearlman yeah lou pearlman is the person who invented boy bands like sadly he did so he discovered britney eddie spears 'n sync and backstreet boys right here and beautiful orlando were yes. Oh my first job was actually calling people around the country that wanted to become famous and this was like pre internet so a lot of the leads. Were like you know how you go to the mall and there's like a lady that says your kids. Excuse me a clipboard like that was my lead source or things like radio ads would fill our funnel so i got really really good at like dirty. Sleazy eighties boiler room wolf of wall street tactics by working for lou pearlman who went to jail who died in in jail who did a ponzi scheme. My sales coach was in jail in the eighties for telemarketing fraud. I work there in the early two thousands so these guys we're legends but billionaires but for the wrong races and so i was taking notes i was studying the tactics but i've always been a moral and ethical guy raise his christian raised as the person that definitely tries to obey the golden role and stuff and so i knew i couldn't stay there long and so it ended up working at quicken loans next which was kind of like the legal legit same concept. You're in a boiler room. You're getting lead. You're calling leads but now you've got a product. It's alone you got a name brand like quicken you know which was affiliated with quickbooks and turbo tax and that's when i really started making money that's when i got really really good because of the volume one hundred calls a day five credit polls to loans written one loan closes. That's where i made my first six figures my first ten thousand dollar check and all of that i stop and so working for a billionaire lieu pearlman and then a billionaire like dan gilbert who owns quicken loans the owns the cavs this guy's billy's yeah it. It was just like wow they have sales people. They have scripts right. They have systems that aren't just marketing and networking and hope but what i learned from those first two places you have to treat sales as important or more than the tech in the marketing. They have the tech in the marketing but you don't also the boiler room. That's what i saw. 'cause i lived in it. I love it man and guys. If you're listening today this is this is going to be a sneak peek into that guy's brain right so let's give him some love. If you're here in the chat just say hello give us where you're from and just just say hello to chris. Is that cool yeah. I hope they do. I love to chat back but ultimately that led me to realtor dot com dot loop and now curator and what i learned through that process dan was basically if you understand the science of sales yep and you have a good marketing funnel yep. You're going to be successful. Swale now the other pieces of good products that i can't always teach a realtor to be good right but i can teach you how to build a beautiful beautiful funnel and i teach you how to get on the phone with those peoples and create opportunity..

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