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You know the thing that took us from six hundred million and eighty six to one point two billion in sales in eighty seven we came out with our own desktop which was essentially three times faster than ibm's desktop for about the same price and began to establish ourselves is not only the portable company but also the highperformance company canadian try to kill off all the clowns when when they released the ps tune in a seven which was the computer that would was designed so he could not be cloned right yeah that's right that was an attempt to take this thing that gotten out of control mainly due to compaq and bring it back under ibm's control so i am comes out with their new architecture and claims that this is the way to go that that all architecture has run its course it's going to run out of gas very soon and so you don't wanna follow it to the and you want to get on this new horse and ibm has it and so let's go and that's where ibm's a marketing strategy got them in trouble because this thing not only didn't run all the software it didn't run any of the software leaked staffers at ibm's new computer did not run ibm's own software now that came out with new ibm software so if you wanted to buy this new product you could buy all new peripherals and all new software and uh they would claim that it would outperform anything else in the market is at the time the ride and you're saying that approximately companies many companies already had pcs and software and ibm was saying by this new ps two o and you're also going to have to invest in new software you know you make it sound crazy to them it was normal that's the way the industry had always worked and they they still had bought into this industry standard idea people.

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