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And that was probably even more pronounced then yet. Yeah that you know. The family business belongs to the oldest child and there seems to be some parental favoritism. Paulina or pauline ended up in the long run siding with rudy. Does each have a favorite. This is always fun. It seem it seems like they did. Although kristoff seems like he may have stayed above the fray but going into the war there was. i mean they're both members of the nazi party but weirdly that to talk. I think are older brother to fritz. Also joined it's good to have common interests it is. It is nice. But i think it brought. Nazism brought the family together. For whatever else you can say about nazi but going into the war. There was not a would expect that the german war machine would say. Let's convert your some boots. Yeah factory to some cool you know if not like marching boots than cool commando like spiderman boots but that turned out not to be the case and they made the difference in the war maybe if if they had made adidas adidas boots they certainly had all day. I drew aspirin all day. I dream about sudeten land. They turned out that that rudolph was conscripted and the company was kind of shutdown and machines were moved in and it was put into it was put to work as a manufacturing plant for you know initially for wo jets and limited. The older kid got drafted. The older kid got drafted and went into what after the war was suggested was kind of a Like an s style intelligence unit. So all of this again sort of disputed by conflicting testimony at the end of the war eventually oddy retools the factory and the adidas factory. Or what would soon be adidas but the The factory starts manufacturing. Bazookas can use the same jeans. Do you think. I will ever discover that he could just turn sneaker machines around and make busy bazookas. The bazooka had not bazooka was an american invention and it was only when they started capturing american bazookas that they reverse engineered them. And and so you know audie was was in the basuki making a bazooka making business. The basuki making xueping. That's the zucchini. Spent the war xueping. They ended up making almost one hundred thousand bazookas before the end of the war. Wow but at the end of the war. There was a lot of contention rudy was captured. The the american tanks rolled in and rolled into were. They rolled into one to what the name of the place. get iraq. and there's this There's this kind of dramatic story that the tanks rolled into the town and they were just kind of like pointing their cannons that anything that looked like a part of the war effort and just blowing up buildings run the russians versus these are americans because this is very okay at which point caccia ran out and stood like a like a like cotinine square stood in front of a tank and said no. No no. don't destroy the destroyer bazooka factory shoot. Plant don't destroy our shoe plant because we are innocent. And i think might have even said. We gave shoes jesse owens in the thirty six olympics. And somehow the american soldiers didn't destroy the factory turned their cannons away and then went on down the road destroying other fans and the american every other factories. Like we gave some of these crackers to jesse owens. He said they were written good. We have some of these bazookas to to jesse owens holy cow. They actually i guess Billeted the american officers There in schloss destler which their pretzels buttered on these guys. That's right and there were several. So so then there's a there's this kind of You know the the the in the nuremberg fashion. Like everybody's got a tone or at least account for their performance in the war. And there's all this record public record of them all being nazis and public zukas for the world and and rudy actually being arguably a zoolander commando or like a bad actor. He's got a black leather jacket in the closet but they make the case that they are. You know kind of essential to the shoes being a a non-political thing you know they're kind of they're ready to play a part in the rebuilding of germany. And eventually the americans realized we can't prosecute every nazi in this country and they and they everybody was making something for the war machine right and so they you know they absolve them of their involvement but the damage between audion rudy is done and part of it was during these during these trials. They kind of denounced one another actually did denounce one another. And an ati said rudy was a was a bad nazi and rudy said. He was making bazookas. Are you kidding me. His name's literally adolf and the americans couldn't decide who to believe so they let both pretty smart. They let them both go. At which point their shoe company they decided to split in half a really was gonna leave one does left. Shoes was rightish if only rudy and audie though the way that they worked it out was that the people that were in sales and marketing and administration. They they they. They allow their employees to pick who they went with. How interested in sales marketing and administration all went with rudy because they worked with them entrusted him and liked and all of the engineers and manufacturing people stayed with ati and that was the larger portion of the company. Ati kept the original factory and rudy went across the river..

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