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Now the pistons now trae ninety five to eighty eight Blake Griffin's on the bat. She's not lifetime. See he's only played twenty eight minutes but plane playing twenty three minutes. He's got to block shots Blake's. Got none. He's got six rebounds unless minutes a blank, he's got to. That's crazy. And he's got four assists and Blake's Blake's got four and a turnover no turnovers for peculiar. Two steals and Blake's got one two blocks and Blake's got none. Because he won't put his hands up on defense. And not like when I see here, folks. I said the pistons go make the ploughs if they lose this today might ninety seven to eighty nine in Orlando beatable team Orlando, but Leonard lost four straight games. I've talked to their code former coach and former coach the pistons. He said Ron he said we play terrible for couple of who lost four straight where we're getting killed. Then Trump comes to town we boulevard now, we play you guys. I said to winnable game against Detroit. And wanted to say that but I'm saying it's now ninety seven to ninety six fourteen left. Not good. Let's go to cowboy Wednesday. Hey, there cowboy what's happening with you, man. Nothing much, but I didn't expect a Weinstein route the Packers like that. No, nor did I. But then again Rogers was hurting they use Kaiser, and I guess he no pre show that he's a couple of years from being any kind of NFL quarterback. Who's at Kaiser? Yeah. He's he's running around like chickens head cut off because he put it there under duress over there. And then Murray last night. Yeah. Yeah. Well. Alabama's defense was the cause of most of that. But you know, what happened, you know? And I said this on the air, I think last week unless was on the other radio station the over and under that game Orlando. Oklahoma and Alabama seventy seventy so this way to said, no, it's too low. And I was right with seventy nine I think forty five thirty four. Yeah. Boy. Oh boy. Oklahoma. Well, Alabama Oklahoma wake up until they were four touchdowns behind so twenty eight to ten there were behind. They were twenty behind twenty eight to nothing twenty and they score ten points score ten. Yeah. And then what happened was and somebody called me. So they're they're going to get skunked know Oklahoma's gonna score watching C, and they scored they made it closely scored thirty four points in the game. Yeah. That was that was an interesting game though. Very interesting. Yes, you're right. Oh, by the way, you do know that quite more diapers in nineteen years ago. Friday. Was it? I don't Clayton more of the lone ranger. He was tree was terrific. Did you know that they're real lone ranger was black? No, I didn't know that. Yeah. Well, you know, I spoke in front of the lone ranger thing when they were on W XYZ. Of course, I then became sports director over there. And then he, and I spoke some of the remaining people came back, and I spoke it field and a gathering we packed to place in the world. I was a master of ceremonies. I guess. Claimed Moore was fantastic jet Carlton more is that was his real name. Jack, Carl more. Yeah. He died of a heart attack. Was he eighty five? Oh, yeah. Hey died. Three months before. My sister. Wendy. Oh, yeah. I'm just glad this year is overlook I lost. My sister two cousins to family. I just try to locate a buddy that I haven't been able to find him. That is so sad, by the way, my favorite rock band. And and well, my favorite trigger and rock and roll died. Thirty three thirty three years ago. Friday fill without a thin Lizzy was thirty six. Irish band. No, okay. Boys are back in town, Rosalie rose. Okay. Trombley that they covered it from the oh, Bob Seeger. Was that jaycees daughter granddaughter? No, no. She was the program director at CK L W. Okay. Oh, I didn't know that I met her in two thousand five the way everyone I did show over there. Mickey Mouse was. Thirteen weeks. And I said, I'm outta here. I don't need this too. Box in there too. I don't need. This is too much in the program. Nobody listens to the station. Nobody listens more Mickey Mouse. Now that was back when you were. More Mickey Mouse now there were below zero the ratings I know well, now the total joke now I called her a few times, really Dallas. I am a few times. And they. I don't know what they think you're doing over there. But on your boy, Tito Fuentes will be seventy five on Friday to you is what a character. He was. Then he plays seventy was a seventy seven for the Tigris hits hits three or four and sealed it's three or four. Yeah. He was he wasn't much of a fielder. I know what? No, no. He wasn't. He was he was shown. He was a show. He played Detroit. One year, then he nineteen seventy the next year with the giants. The only hit about one forty or. So you're close he played the next year with Oakland Oakland apnea. Yeah, you're you're you're you're in the right area. And then he did the he was playing here when I did the Tigers Cincinnati game in seventy seven. And I called that plane right field. Bengali's bothered. He hit Powell. Yeah. And that was wild. I turned around and looked at near the fans throwing everything on the they were fifty thousand people there Tamala park. There were throwing things at me on the phone looked. I looked at dick reduce he just turned around and clap he didn't say a thing. He told me later on. I was good. And what happened was real was looking at the pointers. All over the place way as it shut up. You don't get back in and. And then later on when I was in a game toward the end of the year. They brought me a can I talk to you Ron for second. Route the manager going. Yes, What's up ralphie said? I'll deny this to the day. I die. I will tell nobody else. But you got to play. Right. Ron and we both just double up laughing. Oh. Yeah. By the way, that you have my rich on your one of your show. Nobody took was first NBA gave him and Jason Thompson. I took them to the first. I can tell you story birthday except he's a year younger. But anyway, I wonder how many people really know the whole story about what happened that said rich anyway, other than you and a few other people when you what have you talked about when he heard his arm. Yeah. Well, what happened was the limitation apartments? Down river by the airport. And I guess he was messing around with some girl in there. Her boyfriend came up and twisted his arm story. Yeah. I him and three of his buddies. I understand I didn't know I didn't know. Darnest to try to cover that story up. How can Campbell try to guarantees? They cover that up. Well, I don't know about that. It didn't make headlines or anything like that. Yeah. I'm surprised nobody else found out about that. Because it's eleven three apartments RND targeted thought. Somebody would have known about it. Well, the thing is you see sometimes I'm going to give myself sometimes I know too much. And I see it on the air. And I do piss off a lot of people as you probably know you for long enough to know that I piss people off, and that's the way I wa I don't mind it. They don't like me. So what Joe McConnell joke to listen to this per se? Polls me to come. You got noise in the background shut up. Like to tell people where to go here. Bath. The staff here where they can go. So where was I now? Now, I got torn up thing here. About something about Joe falls. Joke falls made the comment. I'll never forget this comment. I write too many people in our business broadcast and writers right to impress. I write her talk to express I write to express not impress. I'll never forget that. I'll never forget that statement. Yeah. That's a good. Yeah. That's the way a lot of these people. Right. These days they can write and he's mostly sports talk. And all these other hope can't talk. I listen to a guy on this one station last night. Is that four hours slobbering? I mean, I, you know, I felt like each like trying to get him a Bill by mean absolutely bat how badly founded by the way, you're right. You're right on your statement about. About is. He. Was last year with Oakland. He did hit one forty. Yeah. Yeah. He was. Yeah. You'll go here. But he was about a two he was a pretty good hitter for average. But let's here's another thing for the surprising. His last year Detroit six hundred seventy three times up. He had three oh nine. Yeah. I know. Yeah. Man. And ten triples. Anyway, the league in triples or come close with the ten he probably dinner close enough K P one hundred fifty one games. I I'm surprised. They're Tito point is he was a character. I'll tell you that. Yeah. Yeah. He was a character. And before I let you go was interesting what we had to say yesterday. Sparky was so eager to get rid of Robbo floor. You know, he would he ever say isn't that something before for you? Or your me? I couldn't believe that. I was surprised you come on admitted that I was four around that was pretty much in an open secret. You know, he he, you know, a lotta gonna come out and tell you this in a lot of black players kind of sparky was bigoted. He keeps. That came from Jalen Ron leflore behind. He came from jail. Well, I know about before us case, I'm topical gates Brown. Black play. I don't think Al Collins came from jail. Collins Collins came here though, and Tom gage told me I think he said it on the air maybe wrong when Al Cowan's came here. Tom gage told me he lost all his power. He never hit the warning track. Even batting practice. Oh, I remember that. Oh that was something else. We gotta go go. Go ahead. He died at fifty out Collins, he had a heart attack. You're gonna have Jake. What sick? Yes. Yeah. And I gotta I'm gonna ask him by just exactly I know, we know flu Whitaker, obviously, if he if he did any work with Lou Whitaker because I know about Lou said that he started out as a third baseman. Well, here's the thing though. If you remember would loosen on the show, you bring Jake would've just talking with a couple of friends about Jake would in Virginia the other day, we're talking about him. And I can't believe you're having a minute. Yeah. Cheetahs? No that will tell them the second hour. Yeah. He wasn't Pensacola thinking. Yes. He does. It's wasted on the air. Yes. He doesn't. Back at six. Thank you. Cowboys. What's on your mind? We're open line of the pistons score again good God, it's one five to ninety nine. They're just hanging in there. This looks like another loss. I know. But the leisure hanging in there. Is that the right thing? That's not the right thing. But the pistons trail one zero five to ninety nine with.

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