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Absolutely no question ballot that's exactly what's happened and it keeps getting worse got this this gentleman huge term loosely and that is winer and he met with joy sixteen met with anti trump dossier steel and two page summary they gave victorian ousland i mean this thing just keeps on going newland newlyn passed it on the kerry who passed it on new obama ultimately we're gonna get someone will acknowledge that barack obama was not only briefed on this but was coordinating it with brennan and i think this is where you see a sitting president and a cia director trying to defeat a presidential candidate and then after he got elected putting in place a fake story which they knew was fake from christopher steele as a way of undermining trump's credibility to try to keep them from getting the electoral college vote to keep them from being inaugurated and now to impeach him once he got into office this is criminal this is this makes watergate look like less than a dime store burglary you couldn't make this up investigations against brennan and clapper komai clinton and ultimately obama the real collusion with british intelligence clinton campaign and obama's intelligence team mueller called me with the fbi never went against the bags for money laundering arms trafficking or billions especially hsbc they were only find this is horrible i know now you're you're quoting from my recent article on that is quite amazing colby guy who became miller became so interested in in money laundering day when hsbc was laundering drug money i'll tell you where they were commute was on the board of directors of hong kong shanghai bank oh my god so you're covered up for beat miller covered up for bcci the old bush drug and gun running banking operation.

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