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Vern welcome to the jesus christ show a allergan it's going well how can i help you well i was raised catholic um my mom is really a religious uh i was always a glass sticks from an earlier age never very religious spiritual though but i always just kind of live by the teachings of jesus i couldn't healthy know it's just who i am bush lately i've been finding like too religious or more spiritual like just yet do it it's not in me it's it's like may default is to just agnostic or even atheist i don't know my mom has uh alzheimer's and savings really the what brought it on like i i feel like i need something more cause just as you hear like this it's shoot she was basically a saint in it this happened to her it's just really shaking me up and i don't i feel like i need something more yeah that makes sense now when you say religious or spiritual what does that mean to you uh just to have something they're buying i don't know i just can't jointly well atheism is sort of silly i liked that you come from the the standpoint of ignatius ism yet is atheism it's like kenny you know there's no god correctly but the agnostics ism it comes from acnoe sus with knowledge means that you just don't know so what can you know let's look at a few things what can you know um first of all everywhere you looked everything in this world is continued upon sowell's now the wood comes from the tree which came from you know the a corn which came from the tree which came in only keeps going back in back everything points to some some origin you look around and when you see complexity up you don't think that it came from randomness lexus easily comes from a complex mind or something thinking so if obama cross a book you don't say wow that must have just eroded into the shape of a book you'd say well that is a book that someone created there's something about this world where we look at it it screams that it was created just like if you went to malgache more looked amount rush more you never say well that probably is from a rozhin the water just.

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