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Probably the money. Must be off today. Joya? What what? A great new song. Oh, six sigma. Joe? The radio Frankie, very by knew about fifty years old. Maybe I'd avoid I about how you doing. Merry christmas. Welcome back. Oh, it's like oh my God. Did you do you do like, I do Frankie's you go over, and you got you have a relationship and that adds more stress and pressure on everything. So it all went well for you. Yeah. You know was not too bad. I was on Staten Island for both Christmas Eve and Christmas day, which was nice awesome. But yeah, no. It was great. It was always nice to see a lot of family that you don't get to see on a regular basis people that live far away. So it's a lot of fun. Yeah. Isn't that wild? I made the church I had to get to mess. I was like obsessed to get demands. And I'll never make it. The fact and the roads were relatively clear, but the throngs of people if the roads were closed due to a blizzard, you would still make it to me. I am not one church had a Christmas nightmare wrong. Frankie the expert on. This was Jesus Christmas night Christmas Eve, well, right or wrong. So we got into this yesterday. There's no real evidence that he was actually born on December twenty fifth. They started. They started celebrating Christmas on December twenty fifth around three hundred and thirty six so, you know, some people think it has to do with being near the winter solstice some people think it has to do because they were celebrating some pagan holidays around that time in the wanted to steal some market share back. But it look if you read the bible, it sounds like it was probably spring that Jesus was born. So a regular Sunday matched with sufficed out here. I totally I'm sure Jesus appreciated the effort Jesus Charlie toe. I have to tell you though. I mean, you know, Wilma jersey. Guy your Staten Island guy. We, but we all come to come to New York, New York. You is what you gotta get New York, New York, right? And what I went in. And I saw the swans of people, and I didn't see one American by the way. I didn't I heard German accents. I heard they were Chinese there was Arab everything. But then maybe maybe that's the way New York is now, we know it speaks English, but I could tell people were from around the country, and even as we got into the church. No, one spoke language everybody with they were all there from all over the country. How the police kept the law and order and keep the law and order during the don't want. Jinx anything by the grace of God, they do such a great job, Frankie. I'm you. What Commissioner Neil you gotta give them a little bit. Because it was like throngs of people. I'm describing it. Well, enough on the radio when I tell you throngs, it was like a sea of people and had to be at least a million people in midtown going through the tree and then trying to walk a fifty s. You know, right there in sixth avenue, you couldn't get anywhere and little by little we made it made it boat and get into the church is it, okay? To tip at Saint Patrick's. That's a good question. Sure about that one. I put some the collection the second it was only one collection. But I said, but I swear it, and it wasn't just for me was a with small children. So they were letting some people and with small kids, and so they let us in. Now, I'm reaching into my wallet. As them being led down to the church, and I gotta take out twenty bucks for the us show. I think that lady be the bad taste bad. Sure. That that was I'm sure he appreciated it. No. I never I never got there. Because everybody was kind of watching it, and I didn't say here. So I just put it in the collection plate as it should be. Yeah. You your show right though. In terms of shouting out the NYPD for the remarkable job that they've done. It looks like so we've had five straight days in the city without a homicide. And that means we're looking like again knock on wood. We're looking like this is going to be yet another year with less than three hundred murders. Now, Joe you remember twenty five thirty years ago where there was twenty six hundred twenty five hundred murders. A year that was to have less than three hundred murders. It was unthinkable twenty years ago. As a blink of the eye. That's right. If you great point when I started in the city thirty years thirty or forty years ago coming into the city going to the comedy clubs. You could not walk the streets. I could never have done what I did walk into driving through walking through especially taking my seven year old forget about it never would have been able to happen till may Guiliani came and cleaned it up and mayor Bloomberg goes did a great job. And now, you gotta give credit where it's due. It was just an I don't want to jinx same thing. It was just so well, but. People walking and by the way, excuse me. Hi merry Christmas. You know what I'm saying? Everybody was like nice. And maybe because they were from the other parts of the world, you think? New york. But the the mass was great. They could sing all they want a Saint PAT's man, it was just a great with a pig. Organ music and glow. Everybody started singing, I'm telling you Christmas was all about. So that was and then we got home. We we made it home, and it was really made it the best Christmas ever in. That regard Frankie to your point talking about the police our hearts, go out to the police officer Newman, California who was killed run. He'll sing. And he's on the force only five years took a picture. And again, I always like to stay positive when we appreciate you being with us on the show. But it was like they recognize when a law enforcement officer is shot and killed because there is a there is truly a war on cops. The EAP went after somebody and in a chase in Newman, California, and he's killed. He was killed one. You'll sing a young guy thirty one I believe and he just took hours earlier the Christmas picture with his. Wife and his five month old baby. I mean, really really, and may he rest in peace, and we always support law enforcement at least one to acknowledge that when something horrific like that happens six thirty two with Joe on the radio, Lieutenant Colonel Robert McGuiness will join us to and see what's going on with Syria. Withdraw from Siri the president over there in Iraq, the troops love everything about Donald and Milania if I may and he said on pulling out of us very very upfront about that. Do we agree with President Trump pulling troops out of Syria? Lieutenant Colonel Robert we will break it down for us Commissioner Bernard Kerik on the show as well was with the president last week. And it just this criminal Justice reform law is legendary that the president signed you will hear it firsthand and bringing knows both sides of that Commissioner Couric on the show, Dr GE say no is it the Frankie yesterday. It takes a Franken. Can we get Jeannie on the show 'cause she's so great? There's so much going on visit government shutdown. The president always seems to surface throughout all the net. Negatively, all the attacks. Doctor Zana will break it down for us as well politically. Jeffrey Lyons is going to tell you what are the hit bills? And Michael Goodwin is just one of the Braves cats. We know man, this guy is cheap political columnist for the New York Post and just a brilliant brilliant person to chat with and we're gonna talk about this.

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