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Because Joe Straus was elected by what a dozen Republicans in the democratic bloc in that created all sorts of consternation over the house for the better part of a decade and. Those those had the option chose not to exercise or or pull that lever. You know? That's that's one of the things that decides. Whether you're going to be speaker when you get to the point where there is a way to seventy six votes, which is the required number in the house. And you decide that's not the way you wanna win. You probably just decided you don't want to be speaker. If you have access to seventy six boats, and you don't grab it. You're not going to be speaker. That's you know, that's sort of the essence of speakers rice. And there are any number of reasons why somebody might do that. But the person who puts you know gets into speakers race and decides to win the race by, you know, look, I'm just going to outrun. Everybody else to seventy six votes is usually the person who becomes the speaker. Yeah. But okay, let me let me respectfully pushback here. Ross in say that doesn't have to be respectful, but I will be the there's been how many may how many over the last decade how much money in mailers has been sitting into rural Republican districts that your guys a hack for this guy. Joe Straus who was elected by Republicans. In can certainly I'm in pathetic. With some of these guys who didn't want to go down the same. Route even though they had exercise. I don't think it was that they didn't want to be speaker. I think it was that they wanted to put aside the acrimony that groups like empower Texans can present and wanted to try to get it done and the rules. I'm gonna stick with this thesis. The rules were changed by the time. The understood that they couldn't change. They couldn't get the democratic bloc with a substantial among Republicans because the rules were changed then they had to bow out. That's that's my thesis here. What was the change in rules? That you were going to be elected within the caucus and you sign the pledge and then had all the members of the speakers had everybody in the speaker's race agreed to those rules. Not bonding at that point. Well, then it's not then that's not the rules. Okay. If you if you're playing monopoly, and we agree to the rules. We'll play that way. But if we haven't agreed to rule I can play..

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