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Then our AI and E yes. Ava rain. Why? I don't know. Are we supposed to pretend like we don't know who she is? I guess. Yeah. I'm surprised of all people like The Rock couldn't, you know, like it's my daughter, do you want my support, then she gets to keep her name or maybe they don't want the rocks. Or maybe she wanted this name. Who knows? But it's not great. Not terrible, but it's kind of just feel what The Rain is soaking. Pouring. She got a lot of people on she got annoyed by a lot of people on Twitter saying like, oh, we thought you'd be the pebble. That's horrible. She was like, think of a new joke, and it's like, and they're like, all right, fair enough. Yeah. Okay. Any other news? Yes, so you've covered this on, I think the AW show. No, maybe not. No, you mentioned it on the double or nothing recap. Charlotte and Andrade. They tied the knot. Right. They're officially married. Right. Some wrestlers that were in attendance. Formerly Nia Jax. Apollo Crews was there. Also without commander azeez, weird. Weird. Baller, the Balor was there. And also I thought this was funny. Charlotte posted on her Twitter, a picture on there. It's just this honeymoon time. And it's for an Andrade, holding hands, they are that couple that wears matching outfits. Blah. They have like pink white and yellow tie dyed shorts. And hoodies. That's great. And they're both wearing white and gray. So yikes. They're that kind of garlic flair's been married. Three times now. Well, yeah. Is she gonna break her father's title record or marriage record? What's gonna happen first? Oh, good call. She's close on both. She is. Right, right. There's 5, I believe. Yeah. Any other news? Negative. Rumor time. Rumors. Kevin Owens wins back the universal title? Maybe. Bel Air club to finally get a second member? Brock Lesnar willingly works a full schedule? No chance. Next year's WrestleMania will be in Saudi Arabia. So yeah, Joe mentioned this earlier, but Brian Alvarez says that while there's there isn't anything official yet, the brand split is essentially done, which would explain why, you know, Kevin Owens just shows up to SmackDown and they don't even act surprised. They're just like, oh, next up, it's the KO show. There's Kevin Owens. You know? Cool. Also, Wrestling Observer reported that the women's tag team tournament has been scrapped. Oh. Is that because it was like a two team bracket? I don't even think they were that many. So now what? So now it might just be one of those things where they just never mention it again and pretend like they're never were tag teamed. Let me watch Sasha's gonna be gone forever. Come on. So they never left. They just. Oh, welcome back. They were gone for a few days. It's been a year. Right. Also, mace and mansoor were apparently in line while they were aligned with max Dupree in dark segments recently. Who? Mason mansoor. They were aligned with who? Max Dupree, max du pre max two feet, whatever. Okay, yeah, I'm actually that's who I know. But Vince McMahon apparently changes mind about them and they were no longer they will no longer be a part of Dupree's stable going forward and that's probably a good thing neither of them are really any good anyway. They kind of both need it. According to ESPN, Jake Paul is trying to book former NBA player Glenn big baby Davis. In a boxing match in August against a former heavyweight WWE star, but they did not mention a name. A former heavyweight star. Yeah. It just said like a former heavyweight WWE star. They didn't say champion so I'm thinking it's gonna be like funk and funkasaurus or some shit. I don't care. You're using star lightly there, I guess. Very much though. It would be more like a Fox News star than a dictator. That's true. You got any rumors, Eric? No, I don't have anything. Trivia time alrighty, so who is the only man? To defeat Hulk Hogan twice for the WWE championship. We gotta take her. That is correct. Boom, suck it, Eric. Or maybe he was frozen, hold on. And now he wasn't front. I'll get back another day. What's the trivia? Whatever. Here, I'll give Eric another chance. Okay. First time a world championship changed hands in the hell in the cell. Was when the undertaker defeated who? 2009. Punk? That is correct. Hold on, Eric. I was about to say, what current AEW world champion lost to the undertaker? Hold on, you froze. What was the turkey out? Hey, Eric, what's your favorite color? What's Eric's favorite color? It's green. Yeah. That's correct. Damn it. Jesus. What is Eric thinking right now? Penis. That's correct. Yeah. That's more of a 40 and slip on my part. All right. It starts with a pee, but you got a couple letters with a P ends with an eNOS. All right. Oh, no, I didn't. Bring that back. Fan quest. What have we done? What have we done? All right, Jake baker. Why is that Hell in a Cell is always the least hyped pay per view of the year. Every year, only two or three matches are promoted while the others are added later. Yeah. I mean, I mean, lately that's been every WWE pay per view. I mean, we do have 6 matches right now, but I remember Hell in a Cell either last year, the year before, that there was like one or two matches announced and we were like, we have no scorecard to do. So we'll just do the rest like the day of the pay per view. Right. We all get added on like social media and shit. Yeah, it's bad. Alex go, no question, just wanted to let you guys know because of this podcast when I'm bored in my office at work, I randomly just shout..

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