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Don't fight that? Yup. Don't fight. Just call into Euclid at four zero one seven two seven two seven to seven or twenty seven twenty seven and you'll definitely you'll you'll be right? That's the ritual failing. That's what you're looking for. Because once you have that feeling and if you start asking for answers, and it's not alleviating that feeling it's time to look for different answers from a different source. That's the key. Because not everyone will think forward like you. That's why here you could we make sure we're always thinking head of what's coming down the road. It's more of a team atmosphere here. So we all we the advisors in the building. We don't have this pompous feel about us that we know everything we work as a team, we we know that we all have specialties, we all have different directions, and we all have different opinions. So that's why we do that Monday meeting war room. We all get together. We talk about the clients that came through for the week. And we say, hey, this is what I would do. And then the other advisers say, well, you're missing X Y Z. Don't forget about this. Let's see how that works out. It is an amazing atmosphere. And it definitely keeps some. Missteps from going into your plan because that's the other misstep is sometimes advisers are the judge and jury of your entire retirement and they're making mistakes, but they can't catch their own mistakes. So you have to be aware of that. It has been a great show guys. We absolutely love. You are listenership is growing by leaps and bounds. It is humbling. Every time we turn on these microphones go to the website. That's WWW Euclid f s dot com. That's UC L I D F in financial services dot com. We'll talk to you next.

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