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Kinda back where it was. I started out as a backup baseball right by a lot of games. You still enjoy going to the park. Still the manager. Scrums although at zoom it's been different. Now we're getting back a little bit of normal but you still enjoy the interaction and being at the park. Yes and no Dissolves are good for what they they do on a short term basis. But i'd hate to spend the rest of my career doing that You miss the walking through the clubhouse and just seeing a guy and talking to him just talking to them maybe not even interviewing them this. He had something you wanted to say to. You may have some more you wanted to say to you or you might see a guy. That's by himself. And you thought well this is a good time to ask him about such and such as nobody else's around i can maybe have the store for myself and you don't get those opportunities anymore. You have to do it on the field before the game and nets. That's just recent that's doable. It's better than you know. Turn it in which was done before the game on interaction before the player so maybe next year. It'll be kind of like it was. I don't know if we'll be in the clubhouse again though and that's you have to live without. I guess i don't see you as controversial or a screaming match with player. But was there ever time you walked into the clubhouse pre-game you're just hanging out and somebody said all were you at or did you really write this even larussa who i know. You're friends with me of time or to pick something apart. Were there any occasions where he walked in and a player was really steamed. Yes but if he saw you there. Let's say you'd written something the previous day for the same morning and talk the previous day and he's ready to unload on you but then you can see the wheels spinning you start walking over to him and you think well okay. He's here. I'm gonna i'm not gonna explode. We're going to talk about this. But i'm not going to be ready to them or whatever and ambient generally it ends up like that one time walking into hardest was after a game. I'd written a long story about him for the sunday paper early. August of nineteen eighty five. I think he was already at nineteen months. He was on his way to you. Know twenty five. Twenty eight wins. The forgot their twenty one. I think was is high. And he's pitching sunday game against montreal. Bec- pizza in the sunday paper and way down in it. I pointed out that walking occasionally had some trouble with the boys and blue and on this particular day he walks maybe three or four or five loses a game six two four and after the game he blames me for the empires messing with them and not giving them the calls that he should have had more walks into usually. Had you know not giving montreal credit for having a good game plan or whatever t reels on and on about article i at least i appreciate the fact that either he or somebody read that far into it. Look at it. And this was on for about seven or eight minutes. I'll like expletives and everything just a loading on the not from me but from him all right yeah and the players. Are you know right there that they could all hear it now. They're getting tired of you. Know walking and repeat himself and and and finally jack cart walk schober. tournaments is joaquin. Why don't you just shut the blank up. And and joaquin was kind of afraid of jack clark for was a big man and he shut the blank up right away and that was the end of that and walking the next day they were houston apologize for his behavior. But but that's the only time that i had a real session with them. I had one session with with whitey in a hotel room. One time way way back when when the topic of your temple and came about that was a hot button issue. Of course in the while he was on the team know he'd he'd been traded to san diego needs said something at temple. That's something afterward and why you was all upset. He thought i should've pointed out the fact that he you know he was Why he was in the rehab center. You know that drug related. Or whatever. But i said i can't say that you guys can say i can't say that and the next day forgot about. It was all right. This is one one night. Did whitey sit around. Like after games with the writers would you literally beers and just sit in the office and bs or with am i imagining when spring training especially like that After the game once in a while he off your beer afterward but didn't have much time then during night games especially but he would answer all your questions and if he had more he would answer them again the next afternoon while he was doing his charts he was getting kind of. You'd like somebody to talk to while he was doing his he. He was his own lyrics. Seeped kept colored puck at colored pencils for each different pitcher and worried. Pitch was hit. You know and what the result was out or hit And you can get even better information then weren't many. What was the only one newspaper for the most part. It was quite a pleasant time and He he didn't take note of the fact that the a lot of the scribes. The missouri grow with me during the their stand. Saint louis he says. I you know first night. S a bunch of questions. Growl hamworthy grill. Second night not asking too. Many questions is not before third night. Golf i'm again and come in any questions. I'm asking all the questions you guys do anyway. Meaning were wrong over. The missouri grill was legendary right. That was not just sports like post. Hang right it was For a while it was actually the globe democrat hang out when the global existed and we had a little place called the press box right across the south in the newspaper on the talker. They're actors even call twelfth street then have done and then the globe folded so we ended up taking over. The grill are spot. That was number our spot until the early eighties And you'd have umpires broadcasters and writers and especially the umpires writers kind of formed a fraternity. Because they're all on the all opponent team for the players you know that they didn't hate you but they'd have to like you either you know and you're all sort of on the enemy side. You mentioned the templeton and rehab when hernandez deal went down. I've always been curious about this. How much did everybody know on the outside. It was a terrible trade. Made no sense and whitey for years didn't say anything and then it came out there were drug issues and hernandez talked about. How well was it known even in the media world and was there any temptation. I gotta right why. They made this move. You didn't know a lot of information at that point. When the trade was made you didn't know I guess there was some suspicion and Then as we went along you know hernandez got caught up in the pittsburgh drug dry where it was it was out there who was one of the seven guys. He in parker of dale berra and a few other. Tim raines i think a couple of other guys. I was in that smith at three cardinals center and But you didn't know and and it look like at. I was hoping to trade him for ray knight which would have been a better deal but houston didn't wanna do it. I think he was with houston. Then so it came down to. Neil alan.

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