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To several few centuries that actually identifying name as well and so i'll just read a quote from a christian magazine call the the rainbow and this is from eighteen eighty three referring to lima and it says he also meeting lamb also had a daughter name who was beautiful but she was not to be the mother of the promised seed but rather the fountain the wind sprang much of the fairness among the daughters of men which not long after tempted the angels to go after strange flesh and brought on their defection from god and the fearful corruption of the world before the flood now you mentioned nema being the sister of tubal cain i seem to recall according to legend it and you mentioned that he was sort of the father of metallurgy and this would have been knowledge that he received i guess in exchange for his sister's hand to be to be married to a fallen angel but tubal cain if i'm not mistaken was the one who is credited with with fashioning the spear tip known as the spirit of longines which was used to pierce christ side at during the crucifixion and whoever held the spear the spear of destiny as it is somewhat sometimes referred to charlemagne had it and i believe hitler had it this is this this person wheels tremendous power do i have that story right do you know about that that's that's an amazing point i have very recently looked into that i didn't include it in the book but i have seen several articles both the recent and historical that that reference to became has that in addition just saying that the god vulcan was basically was tubal cain and that he was deified in the ancient world as well so nima is is offered up in this bargain do we have a description of of the the the fallen angel that she i keep using this term co mingled but that she had relations with that she married.

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