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On that court anyway. That's very true. I think we've We've exhausted everything from the night. In cleveland ohio. I think that is That's pretty clear. So thank you gentlemen. Thank you all for watching him for those listening after the factor watching after the fact we appreciate that as well so we are getting out of here. Hope you guys enjoyed the car for what it was all right. Let's just relax and enjoy these things for what they are very quickly. It was fine. It was it's sunday night. I didn't understand okay. I didn't understand barstools. Betting thing at all because they everything wrong and they overtake was fire and they were. They were like making fun of the fighters like after the fight. Like tiny fairies sucks. Why did i spend ten thousand dollars on it. And it was like well. Don't spend ten thousand dollars on a fight. You know it's silly to me anyway. Meant five grand each on anthony. Taylor beat him. The that was that was very dick euless. Anyway i didn't. That was the one that was the. That'll be my biggest gripe of tonight. Yes well get some sleep gentlemen. Good some leave. Everybody watching right now back with the anime our tomorrow one. Pm eastern area awani england. Getting right back. Probably jumping red eye right now. That guys all over the place so we could be in studio and Lineup will be revealed in the morning so until then jet meshu for shahnaz shoddy for jose. Young's i am. I thank you for watching. Thank you for listening goodnight everybody..

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