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I think it is has never get cause what you toilet would you tell the players today if you step out of line it doesn't matter if you do you y you hit a woman or you several drugs or whatever the case may be if you step over line will edged up over the line when he crumbs in regards to the flag look you will be to you would be example like colin capital cal academy is going through all right the how would you have handled the situation if you were on the forty nine as last year pardon me when i i was i was of troubled by this because at first you know i did think about my money as a player i was like man you know if i'm a rookie you know do i can i can step off up and go through captors north through a policy never play again but then it was my wife who by all accounts told me to you know it was an embarrassment fruit for me to make that comet considering would jim brown sitter ramaman mohammad ali pursued in with some of the great athletes have sacrificed for me to have a chance to have a position of play this game and to be heard and so my mind set was at some point in your career you have to stand for songtan a considering what's happening is protesting effects in my community how can i not so i would have taken in the um if you talk to other people they were like listen man it depends about where your monies it because if you if you don't have no money and you have to take a stance you gotta be repair to be isolated kaunda banned for many situation so to speak because that's how to public's receiving you so this is a lot going on but i think for some players is not that he had don't believe in cap they don't believe in the 'cause they're worried about their money and they don't wanna be judged well as as we mentioned the the scotty owner of the baltimore ravens is holding up capitalise that's were diner seaney or was reporting yesterday newsham came out later said no no no that's not the case other but.

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