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Into WTO paid the so called ghost guns never even get a serial number and more of them are apparently being recovered locally in the district to that end police have showed off a troll of the untraceable weapons while calling for emergency legislation on the issue you can look at these guns that are on the table in front of me those are ghost guns DC police chief Peter Newsham speaking at police headquarters they are equally as dangerous as any firearm that is introduced into our city they're made from kits others could be three D. printed mayor Muriel Bowser says the emergency legislation that would prohibit the possession of any type of ghost gone and prohibit any DC resident from Prozac thing partially completed parts of the fire arm from this kid the council could take up the measure next week John Aaron WTOP news you know for years prosecutors locally in Montgomery County have argued that Katherine Heigl who is charged with murdering her two young children was faking her mental illness to avoid going to trial judge says he disagrees with that the father of Jacob and Sarah Hogle has described conversations with Catherine Hogle after she was arrested in which she clearly understood the charges against her her own mother told us that she thought she was malingering Montgomery County state's attorney John McCarthy did I think it was something we should have looked at absolutely but judge Robert Greenberg says Hoddle has not been diagnosed as malingering and McCarthy now says there's no current psychiatric information to support the argument meal law construing WTO Pino right now it is three AM half hour here on WTO I. sixty six tolls is seven hundred more people and a few hundred fewer cars a success I Meg Smith good morning welcome and it's three thirty eight on double the traffic and weather on the aids and when it breaks we'll start on sixty six inside the beltway crash activity after Lee highway Washington Boulevard now cleared from the roadway no other issues pending inside the beltway in either direction on sixty six outside the beltway well that's another matter eastbound we have new issue being reported on the ramp to go north on twenty eight at center will be exit fifty three B. and that ramp blocked by at this at least a disabled vehicle and I believe we're going to have a help truck there very soon if not already yeah and then a little farther upstream you'll find the work zone is eastbound sixty six near one twenty three was last seen the page right been crew is blocking two right lanes we had crash activity in Fairfax county Leesburg pike westbound before bearing camera near Danny drive to crash now shouldered right no longer blocking the traveling it's three ninety five north bound after Shirlington heading toward Washington Boulevard when last seen that work some with blocking right lane on the beltway quiet on the Maryland side pretty darn quiet we do have a couple more so step around fifty across the bay bridge why not left lane eastbound wind left lane west bound to and from the shore intercounty connector Maryland route two hundred lanes blocked at I. ninety five exit nineteen you do not get to go again on the ICC until exit sixteen that's route twenty nine the Columbia pike after that point you are good to go but those that do you part in between and we shut down until five o'clock Monday morning in the district on the south the southwest freeway we had worked both directions between main Avenue with the third three total blocking the left lane in each direction unclear what if anything remains of that one Ian Crawford WTOP traffic you are one day bathroom project made easy long baths dot com mostly clear and colder early on this Saturday beginning in the twenties in suburbs near thirty in DC and it's going to be a blustery chilly day only lower forties with a partly cloudy sky we have a wind to boot that will add to the bike to the air wind chills in the twenties on your Saturday Sunday is much better milder a lighter breeze sunshine highs near fifty as we kickstart March Monday starts with some sun increasing clouds mild sixty degrees but a shower possible late better chance of showers on Tuesday mid sixties I'm starving for meteorologist you principality I know we are twenty seven degrees in Fredericksburg Virginia twenty seven as well in Frederick Maryland it's twenty seven in Culpepper twenty eighth in Manassas twenty nine Leesburg thirty three Silver Spring or thirty one degrees in Waldorf it's now thirty two outside the WTOP studios in.

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