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Discriminated against female applicants the investigation comes after it was revealed Tokyo Medical University had done exactly that for more than a decade. It released an internal investigation. Earlier, this week that confirmed it an altered entrance exam scores. To limit the number of female students Tokyo, Medical University said it believed female doctors would. Shorten or halt their careers if If they had children affecting hospital staffing the education ministry sent a questionnaire to all medical schools. Asking them for six years of data on the genders and ages of all applicants and wants to know who passed and who. Was admitted schools have two weeks to get back to the education ministry with. Numbers The nineties hit TV show charmed, is getting a reboot I'm the CW network and its. Producers are defending its return as, a story for its time, executive producer Jenny Snyder ERM said the drama series about three young half sisters were witches will. Confront modern issues including the metoo movement she says the very ethnicity of the sisterly trio. White Latino and African American also gives the reboot more currency the siblings have the same. Mom but different fathers urban said. Most of the people she's talked to, are in favor of the switch to characters of color, the original charmed debuted in nineteen ninety eight with Holly Marie combs Elissa Milano in Shannon Doherty is the three Hallo which sisters rose McGowan. Joined the series in two thousand six the CW remake debuts October fourteenth It's going to be a. Lot of, work to. Keep security tightened deficient at dozens of venues during the two thousand twenty Olympic Games in, Tokyo but an advance. Security system that has the ability to recognize faces will, help keep things in check the Neal face technology was. Developed by NEC corporation the technology, will monitor every accredited person, including athletes officials staff and media and more than forty venues games villages and media centres Tokyo. Will be the first Olympic host to introduce the face I d tech at all venues. The systems expected to effectively eliminate entry with forged ID's reduce waiting times in line and. Reduce athletes stress under hot weather Hi I'm Ralph Rousseau. AP college football writer and host of the AP top twenty. Five college football podcast available on. Apple podcasts and podcast one while there be sure to, subscribe rating review that's the AP top twenty five college football podcast.

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