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Miller. Motherfucker Stephanie Miller. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Hey, we still have a big show. We got Ali belts. We, John, eagles, thank we have for Angela. And whichever legal ladder lady is listening. Right now, just calling. Michael and Oakland. I need some. There's a lot of legal stuff going on Special master zone. Oh, okay, my special masters here. Oh, by the way, I also, I can't believe I did not recognize Casey from Florida, the duchess opened to the Bernie or bust douche nozzle. It used to make my life a living hell. That was the guy that called yesterday when the music didn't create a enthusiasm. I didn't see it. I didn't see it. And he also called Randy rhoads, who was much meaner to her than I am. Apparently, according to Twitter. Good job, Randy. All right. I didn't recognize his voice. Paul says, mama, too, Casey in Florida. Where's the enthusiasm? How about in the 3.3 million early voting lead from Democrats versus 2018? That's what people are talking about. Not the polls. How about the increase in dem early voting since 2020 also beto's Texas campaign registered a million new voters he lost by 200,000 in 2018? Does that help? Yes, thank you, Paul west, liberal helper. I choose to be a tigger and not a New York. Every single one of those people that were registered are going to go vote. Really, my binky. That's already people that have already voted. No, you just said that. No, it's early voting. I'm talking. That's the better. That's better. I'm talking about the 3.3 million early voting people that have already voted. That's a good sign that he's registered over a million new voters. No, Chris, they don't know each other. I am not reindeer. He lost my 100,000 votes. He has already registered over a million new voters. You just said it. I'm talking about things really voting numbers. I will lunge over this thing. I will punch your balls so hard. I am sorry for everyone at home on free speech TV watching to cut the camera back and forth. Really, Karen, why are you making up on me now when I need you? Okay, you know what? I'm just gonna la la la la la I'm putting my antiquark headphones on for the rest of the show. I'm only reading quoting Andrew workman on Twitter, who I love, who says I who is he? It doesn't mean it does not even matter. He's someone that makes me happy, Travis. A rando on Twitter. Says of the, well, if I could find a legal lateral lady. Does he have a blue check? I don't know. I don't have a flu check. Who cares about that? He says, of the documents case story. This will put Trump in prison for the rest of his life. You can say you don't believe it, but it still will, this is it, all the other prosecutions cases will be gravy after this. Michael and open, where are you? There's right these new emails that just got released. I mean, it's not just Georgia. It's the whole January 6th coup plot DoJ mulling special counsel if Trump runs in 2024. We have a lot of legal stuff to mall through. All right, so we will, oh, and now Karen in Chicago

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