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Still the best quarterback to me is still the best team in the nfl and with that we go to florida via the coward level satellite network a guy with three rings boom the patriots charlie weis charlie you watched that last night you've gone down to miami a few times when you were a patriot assistant sometimes the dolphins bite back what a jamaica last night well it reminded me so much of two thousand and four in december i just taken in notre dame job and i was still the offensive coordinator for the pats and we went down there and tommy through four picks and we we have have losing the game one was backed up and our own end zone it's ruin run adjacent taylor i mean it was awful and last night that felt the same way i was at the game i mean it just the the team from the first quarter right from the beginning of the game just felt flat i mean they had two yards offense in the first quarter a mini couldn't get a first down and convert a third down conversion a whole night i mean it was just one of those games where and then jay cutler on top of everything else instead of his normal thrown fiveyard passes all night is throwing the ball down the field with accuracy i mean it it was the scores allow was not indicative of how bad that game were actually was yoga miami controlled the game it's remarkable that was only twenty seven twenty when you get any games like that charlie and i and i was called a burn the tape game big ben through 5 takes this year in a game the vikings got beat it home by detroit three fumbles you get into these games once in a while you had a at notre dame you have met.

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